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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Cat Person vs Fancy Feast: Which One Will Win Over My Picky Cat

Jacquelyn Brooks
ByJacquelyn BrooksDec 12, 2022Sponsored

I never understood “pet parents.” Growing up, I never had a pet, so I always thought the intense emotions and the lengths people would go to for their pets were a bit dramatic. That was until I brought my little Charlie cat home. Now I get it. I’m obsessed with her. And it’s really important to me that she is happy, healthy, and receiving the best care possible so her spunky personality thrives. That includes the food she eats.

One of my favorite things about Charlie is how picky she is - with her toys, her nap spots, and even her food. We recently compared Cat Person to this picky kitty’s current favorite, Fancy Feast, to see which cat food reigns supreme. And the verdict is in!

If you’re looking for quality … Cat Person

Our animals are more than pets; they’re family. We all want to make sure they’re being fed with high-quality ingredients to keep them happy and healthy. And just as I like to ensure my foods are delicious and nutritious, I want the same for my Charlie girl.

Fancy Feast is good, and she really enjoys it. But after comparison, it’s not quite as appealing as Cat Person. With at least 50% more protein than the industry standard, Cat Person offers high-quality, high-protein food for cats with clear, straightforward ingredients and no fine print. And my picky eater always finishes her bowl.

If you’re looking for customization … Cat Person

Who doesn’t love the convenience of necessities delivered right to your door? I know I do! Both Cat Person and Fancy Feast offer subscription options so you never find yourself running out of your cat’s favorite foods. But I found Cat Person to offer more customization and be a better fit for our needs.

Fancy Feast only offers a subscription for its wet food, you can choose between 24, 45, or 60-count boxes and choose the flavors and frequency of your shipments. Meanwhile, Cat Person creates a personalized plan that comes with the perfect amount of product for you based on their quiz that asks about the number of cats in your household, whether or not they eat wet, dry, or a combination of both, how much you feed them in a week, and if they have any allergies. Both brands offer all of their products a la carte if subscriptions aren’t your thing.

If you’re looking for more flavors … Fancy Feast

While I like to shake up my menus throughout the week, my Charlie girl subscribes to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality with her meals. While Cat Person offers an array of meat, poultry, and fish flavors in both pate and shredded varieties, it’s hard to compare to the sheer amount of flavor options from Fancy Feast.

With 28 different flavors with entrees coming in the styles of pate, grilled shreds, gravy covered, extra creamy, and with the addition of cheddar, you’d be hard-pressed not to find a flavor and texture your feline friend will love.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop … Cat Person

Charlie is one spoiled kitty. She likes a bit of wet food in the morning accompanied by a couple of small scoops of dry food to munch on throughout the day (and the same in the evenings.)

Fancy Feast offers a huge assortment of flavor options; however, you can’t personalize your subscription to include a mix of different types of food. Since we use a mix of dry and wet food in our house, Cat Person makes it easy to purchase both at once without having to hop over to another site or visit another store.

Cat Person also sells kitty treats and aesthetically pleasing litter boxes, feeding bowls, beds, toys, and a serve and store kit to make sure your cat’s food stays fresh for as long as possible.

And the winner is … Cat Person!

It’s hard to beat the convenience, quality, and delicious food your cat actually enjoys! I can’t wait to try some of the other flavors and products Cat Person has to offer.