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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

The Healthy Cat Food That Won My Foodie Cat’s Heart

Kat Giuffrida
ByKat GiuffridaJun 24, 2022In Partnership With Cat Person

Cat Person

Have you ever treated your cat to sneaky bites of your own food? I know I have!

Unfortunately, when this becomes a habit, our kitties can grow quite stubborn and eventually refuse their own food. Now that they know what they're missing out on you can expect them to protest by sticking their head right into your bowl or tearing apart the bag of rotisserie chicken you left out on the counter.

I speak from personal experience. This is exactly what happened with my cat, Slinky. How could I have let this bad habit sneak into our daily lives?

The Journey to Becoming More Health-Conscious

I felt guilty about Slinky's behavior and was ready to make a few positive behaviorial changes. I knew I could -- and should -- be making better food choices for her long-term health and happiness.

In order to correct her eating habits, I scoured the internet for a healthy, nutritious cat food brand that offered high-protein, pre-portioned meals that wouldn't disappoint her palate.

I researched all of the best cat food brands. I specifically looked for cat food subscriptions as I have a little human on the way and anything to simplify my life these days is a must - especially if it means one less trip to the store.

After reading a bunch of reviews, I knew I had to try Cat Person.

I like that their cat food features no complicated names or confusing labels. Signing up was super easy - all I had to do was answer a few questions about Slinky’s age, weight, and dietary preferences, and then Cat Person created a starter kit they knew she would love.

Trying Out Cat Person - A Look Into Slinky's Experience

I received her subscription box within a few days and we honestly saw so much positive change right away. That's why I'm so excited to share Slinky's up-close, gourmet experience.

Cat Person offers both dry and wet options (the wet textures include shreds in broth or pate). Slinky was provided with one bag of dry food and two boxes of wet food.

I decided to test out each meal one day at a time to see what Slinky liked best. On the first day, I swapped Slinky's 2nd meal with a cup of tuna (shreds in broth) and she devoured the entire cup within just a few minutes, making sure to lick every last morsel. I looked at the ingredients on the nutrition label, which shows that it includes 57% tuna (MSC certified and sustainably sourced) and 38% fish broth.

On the second day, I replaced a meal with a cup of dry food. Once again, she dug right in.

Finally, I gave her the chicken shreds in broth on the third day and her reaction was the exact same as the first meal - complete success! Again, I noticed on the label that it’s made up of 54% chicken and 41% broth.

Other wet food flavors include salmon & tuna, turkey & chicken, duck, beef, and mackerel & bream.

The Verdict - Did Cat Person Earn Her Approval?

While I was slightly worried that the appeal of Cat Person may fade over the course of a few weeks, I was wrong - thank goodness! Slinky has stopped begging for table scraps and now goes straight to her Cat Person box as soon as it arrives. She licks clean her shreds in broth cup every single time, whether it's tuna, beef, or duck.

As an added bonus, the wet food options help Slinky meet her daily water needs and the collagen boost from the broth protects her joints, too.

Needless to say, Cat Person has earned Slinky's approval and saved her parents' dinnertime! Discovering Cat Person has been the best thing that happened to us! Great company, quick shipments, and great customer service. It's obvious they consider both the cat’s and the cat person’s needs in everything they make and do.

I will never go back to the old brands. Slinky is so much happier now after changing to this brand and she is much healthier as a result.