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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Care/of vs. Persona: Which Personalized Vitamins Subscription Is Better?

Megha Fernandes
ByMegha FernandesNov 4, 2022Sponsored

Have you ever just taken a random mix of vitamins and hoped they worked? Or spent hours researching the best supplements for you only to be left overwhelmed with 10 things in your cart and nothing ordered?

Between wanting to feel less stressed and more focused, my skin feeling dull, my stomach feeling out of whack sometimes, and my muscles taking too long to recover in between workouts, (can you tell I’m a millennial?) I knew I had to find the right personalized set of vitamins for me.

But not only do I want to know which vitamins to take, I also want to make sure I actually take them. Every day. Like you’re supposed to in order for them to work. That’s why I knew a vitamin subscription company was the right choice for me. But with so many options out there, you may be wondering which brand is the right choice for you. So I did the endless scrolling (ahem, research) for you. Two of the best options I found were Care/of and Persona. Here’s how I decided which one was right for me:

Looking for a fun quiz that’s all about you? Care/of

Who doesn’t love a good quiz? Earlier today, I took a quiz about which fall-scented candle I am (turns out, I’m apple cinnamon). The results of the vitamin quizzes I took, though, were a little more beneficial. While both Care/of and Persona offer thoughtful quizzes about your health, Care/of’s quiz was more fun to take and made me feel really excited about the products. I felt like Care/of asked more questions about my lifestyle and I appreciated that it took my values into account as well.

On the other hand, taking the Persona quiz felt like I was filling out a questionnaire in the waiting room of my doctor’s office under fluorescent lights. It can be difficult to begin a new routine for a healthier you, and Care/of made the start more exciting and less daunting.

Want personalized health advice from a nutritionist? Persona

When you first sign up for Persona, you can book a complimentary appointment to speak with a nutritionist over the phone or via zoom. This is a really unique option in the vitamin space and gave me peace of mind knowing that I could connect with a professional to talk about my health and wellness goals. While Care/of does not offer 1:1 support, I felt they addressed these concerns better with their quiz and their website has a ton of useful information that’s easily accessible. I found the Care/of website and app to be more user friendly and all their scientific research was presented in an easy-to-understand way.

Need a reminder?: Care/of

Care/of not only has a really intuitive app, but their app has more features. My favorite? You can log every time you take your pack in order to stay on track and set yourself up for success. The best part is you actually get rewarded (I’m talking $$ not just a pat on the back) for staying on track and building streaks to earn Care/of credit! You can set up what routine works best for you (time of day you like to take your vitamins) and an activity that will help remind you to add it to your schedule (like brushing your teeth). From there, Care/of will actually send you a reminder to take your vitamins. One less thing to worry about!

Cost? It’s a Tie.

For me, cost is a huge factor when I’m looking for a new product and definitely when I’m deciding between two. I thought that would be the biggest break between the two products. But after taking both Persona’s and Care/of’s quizzes, the products recommended to me turned out to be almost exactly the same price: about $2.50 per day. That’s even less than I spend on the subway!

The Ultimate Winner…Care/of

Both vitamin companies offer personalized vitamin and supplement packs for daily wellness. Overall, my pick is Care/of. Their entire process made creating a routine for my health so seamless. While both Care/of and Persona offered a great selection of vitamins that targeted my concerns, the features and experience of Care/of are more conducive to actually creating and sticking to a health and wellness routine.