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HUM Nutrition vs. Care/of: Which Vitamins Best Meet My Lifestyle

Antonae Wallace
ByAntonae WallaceNov 22, 2022Sponsored

We've all heard the spiel from the wellness professionals - "don't forget to take your vitamins!" or "supplements provide a good foundation to be healthy!" But... where do you actually go from there? There's so much information online (not for the faint of heart or easily overwhelmed); luckily things got a bit easier when I discovered Care/of and HUM Nutrition.

What immediately stood out to me was that both took the guesswork out of picking supplements with a quiz that helps me find what I need. I put both to the test, and here's what I found:

If you prefer a more personalized experience…Care/of

Although it sounds corny, there's a reason it's called Care/of. I really felt taken care of with the sign-up experience. The quiz covered all different aspects of my life from my wellness journey background, my goals, my daily lifestyle, and also even factors in how I feel about Eastern medicine. I love how they identified what my goals were and then dived even deeper to see what exactly I needed support in. HUM Nutrition felt a little rushed through in my opinion. They directly asked questions about what I am trying to improve in more broad categories, without diving deeper. I don’t always know what I need, so it made a difference when Care/of went that extra mile.

If you want benefits that are easy to understand…it’s a tie!

Usually, when researching vitamins, I forget what each vitamin is for and what the benefits are. HUM Nutrition clears up this confusion and labels each product with its exact benefits. These names are fun too and won’t get you confused with names such as “Counter Cravings” and “Big Chill”. There is also always a short description of the benefits.

Care/of also makes it easy to understand the benefits with an info card, minus the trendy names. The simplicity of both make life much easier. The difference is, Care/of still aims to educate you on which exact supplements you are taking and the direct benefits of each. HUM Nutrition does not highlight this as much.

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option…Care/of

Since Care/of gives you the option to combine multiple vitamins in each individual pack, you have much more control over how much you spend on your vitamins each month. You only pay for what you add to your pack and you can change it up as often as you like. HUM Nutrition does not offer this level of customization, so you don’t have as much flexibility in the pricing.

If you want something that looks good on your counter…Care/of

Both HUM Nutrition and Care/of have super cute packaging. HUM Nutrition has all of their bottles in different bright colors like green, blue and pink. Care/of vitamin packs come in boxes that look great on your counter but the individual packaging that’s compostable really stands out for me. Not only does it make them really convenient to take on the go but having my name on the pack really motivates me to take them every day.

If you need your dietary restrictions factored in…Care/of

Care/of definitely caters to my dietary restrictions better. Since they asked beyond the fundamental questions of vegan, pescatarian, etc, I felt like I was getting what I need. I don’t necessarily categorize myself but I do try to limit red meat and dairy. HUM did not factor in these preferences, gluten-free restrictions, or allergies in their quiz.

The Overall Winner…Care/of

While both vitamin companies are great, overall Care/of definitely takes the cake. They have more options and their in-depth quiz gives me confidence that I’m getting the best possible matches for me. They simplify everything for you, making everything convenient and cost-effective for all lifestyles.