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My Subscription Addiction

Capsiva: How I Manage My Life with Arthritis Pain

Raven Miller
ByRaven MillerApr 12, 2023In Partnership With Capsiva

I was only 21 when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, but from that moment, I knew I wouldn’t let this autoimmune disease stop me from living an active, fulfilling life. That meant I had to maintain a positive mindset no matter what, stay focused on gratitude, and learn to manage the pain and inflammation that would be a constant in my life moving forward.

In the 10 years since my diagnosis, I have tried more pain relief products than I can count. What I’ve learned is that there are few solutions for fast, temporary relief as effective as topical gels. That’s why when I heard about Capsiva, I decided to give it a try.

Simple, Effective, and Mess-Free

Topical creams and gels are typically my go-to for pain because they offer quick relief without the need for complicated instructions or long-term commitments. I’m a busy mom, so immediate, effective solutions for pain are absolutely essential to keep me functioning at my best. From the first application, Capsiva delivered that sweet, sudden relief as expected.

The only downside to topical use is that they can sometimes be greasy or feel hot when you apply them. Capsiva was the opposite–it had a cooling sensation and didn’t feel greasy at all. It actually absorbed really nicely into my skin after I massaged it in gently.

An All-Natural Solution

My health is my top priority. I know that if I show up for myself, I’m able to show up for everyone who depends on me, especially my baby boy. Since my diagnosis, I’ve made it a point to fuel my body with the vitamins, minerals, and balanced nutrients it needs in order to stay as strong as possible and keep medical interventions to a minimum.

That’s why Capsiva fits nicely into my lifestyle: it’s made with a homeopathic formula, which means it contains only natural active ingredients. Finding homeopathic, temporary relief from flares is not easy! Plus, it comes in a conveniently small package, which means it’s perfect for on-to-go.

None of Those Unwanted Side Effects

I have used creams and gels in the past that have left rashes on my skin that ranged from mild discoloration that only lasted a few days, to more severe rashes that required medical attention. Since I started using Capsiva, I haven’t noticed a single side effect. No burning, no rashes, not even that unpleasant smell that is a staple in most arthritis creams. It really gives me peace of mind because I know I can continue to use it without experiencing any adverse effects.

My Takeaway

Trying new things can be intimidating, especially when you’re on the hunt for temporary relief from a chronic condition like RA. You don’t want to use anything with side effects that outweigh the benefits. I’m glad I tried Capsiva, and so far I’m thrilled with my results. If you’re struggling with joint pain and inflammation like me, give Capsiva a try today!