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Canada Goose vs OROS: Which Jacket Should You Buy This Winter?

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereNov 26, 2022Sponsored

So, you’re in the market for a new winter jacket? I was also, and I sifted through websites and stores and reviews of every brand from Patagonia to OROS to Spyder and more. I narrowed down my search to OROS and Canada Goose, and ultimately purchased one of them. Here’s how you can decide which might be right for you:

If you’re looking for zero-bulk warmth…OROS

I want to stay warm on my walk to work and all my winter endeavors, but I also hate feeling bulky because of a heavy jacket or from wearing a million layers underneath my jacket to stay warm. When I wear my Canada Goose jacket, I feel it’s a little heavy and bulky, but luckily with my OROS jacket, I don’t have to worry about this. OROS' Orion Parka has a proprietary zero-bulk insulation lining called SOLARCORE that is designed for temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit, so I don’t have to put as many layers underneath the jacket as I normally do. Plus, the lining kept the jacket less bulky and lighter weight, making for a much more enjoyable and comfortable wear.

If you’re looking for the environmentally friendly option…OROS

One cool thing about the OROS gear, outside of keeping me very warm with no bulk, is that it’s environmentally friendly. They use recycled poly to reduce CO2 emissions and PFC-free DWRs to repel water (but not harm the environment). The SOLARCORE technology is completely vegan-friendly, a nice cruelty-free alternative to some of the other down-filled jackets.

If you want a fur lined hood…Canada Goose

I’m not going to lie, if a fur lined hood is important to you, you should turn to Canada Goose. The hood can be very cozy to wear, but I find I can achieve the same level of coziness (and more warmth) by wearing a warm hat!

If you want to spend less money…OROS

OROS’s jackets are a much more accessible price point than Canada Goose. The Orion Parka comes in at $450 (although you can get on sale for up to 70% off now with their Holiday sale)! They also have a whole range of other products, ranging from ski jackets to fleece leggings and quarter zips. Canada Goose’s parkas start around $850, almost double than of OROS, and go up to $1,200+ for some of the heavier weight ones.

The Ultimate Winner: OROS

For me, I’ll be sticking with OROS this winter. I love how light weight yet super warm it is and the zero bulk wear. Plus, the price point is hard to argue with! I'll be stocking up on the leggings and quarter zip as well, and may even try for the ski pants.