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Can You Keep a Secret? Here’s What Santa’s Gifting My Toddler This Christmas

Krystal Dunn
ByKrystal DunnNov 23, 2022In Partnership With Lovevery

Every year, I spend hours searching for the perfect Christmas gift for my daughter that is both entertaining and educational (and won’t be tossed aside after one use). I’ve found that toys that strike the perfect balance are difficult to come by, and I’m actively looking for ways to keep my toddler entertained by something that isn’t a tablet or a TV.

All kids grow and learn at different stages, so what is best for my child may be different than what is best for other kiddos. In my search for the perfect toys that fit my daughter’s specific stage in her life, I came across Lovevery Play Kits. Lovevery’s Play Kits and their expertly curated boxes and Play Guides are exactly what Santa is gifting this year, and here’s why.

What’s inside

Each Play Kit is packed with sustainable and organic toys, plus a hugely helpful Play Guide for parents. I got The Analyst Play Kit, and it came with various activities that each helps teach something different.

Some of the toys we received include a Montessori Sensory Box which helps identify shapes and quantities by touch, which my daughter is completely fascinated with, as well as the Color Theory Puzzle, which introduces color graduation.The rainbow colors and fun puzzle aspect of this one makes it my daughter’s favorite.

The First Sewing Kit for fine motor skills and the Pattern Match Boats & Cards Set are inventive and original toys that you won’t find in other toy boxes. I’m also excited that the Stackable Fraction Cups are getting my daughter acquainted with fractions, and she immediately took to the pretty blue, green, and yellow colors.

In addition, The Lovevery Play Kits come with a Play Guide, which gives encouraging parenting advice, and shares what may be going on with your child at their stage in life socially, emotionally, and fine motor skills-wise. This direction and information is extremely helpful as a parent, so you can maximize your child’s learning capabilities with the toys. The Lovevery Play Kits even come with additional activities you can do with your child, so they’re the perfect gift for fun and learning all year long.

Independent and parallel play

Lovevery toys are designed for both independent play and parental interaction. My daughter and I love to cook and bake together, and The Analyst Play Kit came with a cute cookbook that has easy-to-follow step-by-step pictures so she can create the recipe on her own (with a little help from mom). This is going to be a guaranteed favorite, and will be used Christmas morning to make the pancake recipe that was inside!

The perfect gift for everyone

I’m so grateful for the Lovevery Play Kits–they make this whole parenting thing a lot less overwhelming! I’m confident that I’m giving my daughter the best possible start in life, and they make the perfect gift because there’s no limit to the fun and learning your child can experience throughout the year. Lovevery Play Kits grow with your child, so they can graduate to the next stage up until 4+ years. That makes Lovevery Play Kits the ideal gift every year, in my opinion!

Bonus tip: Not only is this a great gift from Santa this year, but for all the grandparents, aunts, and uncles who don’t know what to get your baby or toddler. I highly suggest having them gift your next subscription box of the Lovevery Play Kit–it will be like Christmas all year long for your little one!