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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Can a Machineless Coffee Pod Really Be Any Good? 

Niall Cooper
ByNiall CooperAug 4, 2022In Partnership With Cometeer

I am that guy. The one who likes his espresso pulled just so, and his French press to be the very best. I feel like I’ve earned the right, having worked as a barista, trained with national champion coffee roasters, and owned my own coffee shop. I’m the one who will describe coffee beans as smelling like newly-mown hay, malt toast, or smokey cherry. The one who must sip and swirl a perfect pour-over and comment on its bright juiciness. Yes, I am that guy. The coffee snob. And I say so with pride.

I also love trying new cutting-edge products, so when I came across Cometeer, I had to try it. But I was skeptical. I’ve always been taught that nothing beats freshly ground and brewed coffee. Could a frozen puck of seriously strong brew really compare?

What Cometeer Is All About

Cometeer boasts that their coffee is hyper-flavorful, made with top-tier beans from the world’s finest roasters, ground, and brewed with incredible precision. But in a revolutionary twist, Cometeer coffee is flash-frozen and shipped to your door in packs of capsules. All you have to do is take a frozen puck out of your freezer, add water — hot or cold — and, voilà, you have a serving of premium coffee, full of complex flavor. You can also let the frozen capsule melt + pour it in water to make delicious iced coffee!

Sound too good to be true? Well, get ready for the mic drop. Cometeer is delicious and as easy as … [coffee snob trigger warning] … INSTANT!

Exceptional Coffee Made Easy

I like my morning coffee routine. After I get up and let my dog out into the garden, I go into my kitchen to boil the kettle and freshly grind some coffee beans. I usually have a couple of blends from artisanal roasters to choose from on any given morning, so I get to pick a roast depending on my mood. I pull a shot using my small espresso machine into a small mug, then add some hot water to make an Americano. I’ll drink this black if it’s a light-to-medium roast, or with some oat milk if I’m using a darker roast. It’s simple, delicious, and cleaning up is a breeze. I love the convenience, especially on hectic mornings.

That cup of coffee is the jewel in the crown of my morning. But there are some mornings when I’d rather make life a little easier for myself – without sacrificing quality. That’s where Cometeer steps in with their innovative method.

It takes only seconds to pop a puck of premium flash-frozen coffee from one of their tiny pods. I add hot water and, quick as a flash, have a perfect cup – easily on par with my own Americanos.

Roasts for All Tastes

I love their single origin light roast, Peru Cajamarca, which has — yes, I’m going there! — notes of almond and juicy sultana. And I’m a big fan of their Coltrane blend, with those classic milk chocolatey, brown sugar flavors that I love in a medium roast. On days when I’m in the mood for something bolder, the Belle dark roast blend gives me a touch of brandy and rich high-cacao chocolate — perfect, I think, with a splash of milk. I also love the variety! They send me a curated box of four different roasts each month that allows me to explore a variety of roasters and flavors.

Cometeer really has perfected their process. They extract tons of flavor from beans sourced from some of the country’s best roasters. Then, as soon as their coffee is brewed, it’s frozen at -321 degrees, locking in the flavor.

Cometeer offers four unique selections, running the range from light to medium to dark. You can select a delivery according to your roast preference, with a total of 32 capsules sent frozen to your door. And at close to $1 per cup on your first order, it’s a lot less than I used to charge in my store.

They even offer a half-caff and decaf box for heathens. (Just kidding! I’m partial to an after-dinner decaf macchiato myself.)

So, take it from an unrepentant coffee snob, if you want exceptionally delicious coffee that’s as easy as can be, try Cometeer. I'll probably still indulge in pour-over coffee from my fancy schmancy local coffee shop. (I mean, someone has to tell Thaddeus the barista why the latest roast is more "earthy mushroom" than "sunlit loam.") But thanks to Cometeer, I might spend more of my weekend mornings at home with a melted puck and the Sunday paper.

Niall Cooper
Niall Cooper

Niall is a podcaster, homebrewer, and coffee addict, who likes nothing better than to wax lyrical about his latest subscription addiction. Originally from Scotland, he now lives on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi with his lovely wife, their sweet little dog, a million houseplants, and so many odd jobs to eventually get round to in their old Craftsman house.