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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

BootayBag vs. MeUndies: See Who Wins

Mary Zubritsky
ByMary ZubritskySep 27, 2022


I used to work for one of the world’s biggest lingerie brands and wore their products because it was convenient. But it never sat right with me that I was patronizing this big corporate brand. So I went searching for better options.

I wanted to look into brands run by women that simplify the shopping process with high-quality, stylish pieces that won’t break the bank. That's when I stumbled upon MeUndies and the women-founded BootayBag. I gave both underwear subscriptions a try to see which one is right for me.

If You Want Trendier, Sexier Underwear… BootayBag

BootayBag’s current collection – which is Desert Chic – is booty-ful! I love the animal prints, the semi-sheer fabric, the structured and slimming corset, the delicate purl-edge trim, and the chic and sleek design of the undies. When I tried on the sets, the fit was incredible and I felt like the sex goddess of the sand dunes!

MeUndies options are cute but a bit cheesy in a funny, matching undies with your boyfriend kinda way. I chose a basic black set from MeUndies, because I didn’t like any of the prints but it’s not really the kind of underwear that I would usually wear. Bootaybag is definitely more my style and has less generic prints.

If You’re Looking for Affordable Underwear… BootayBag

We’re all trying to save a few dollars, and with BootayBag, you get more for less – plus shipping is included. Once you sign up and choose your size, you have the option of the Always Thong or the Never Thong (a 1-pair subscription for $15/month or a 2-pair subscription for $18/month), or Mix It Up (2-pair subscription for $18/month or 4 pairs for $28/month). You can also order a matching set for $36/month and with each month’s order, you can add a bralette which starts at $16 each.

The MeUndies subscription starts at $16 per pair, and the bralettes are $24, so each month you’re spending a minimum of $40.

If You Want Faster Shipping… MeUndies

One downside I found with BootayBag is the longer shipping time. I’m not the most patient when it comes to waiting for deliveries, and the two weeks it took for me to receive my first order was not ideal. Once you’re a monthly subscriber, your next order will be processed on the 5th of the month and you’ll receive your new undies between the 20th-25th.

Meanwhile, I received my MeUndies order in the same week of ordering and the company estimates 2-7 business days for most shipments. You can also opt for 2-day or next-day delivery for an additional fee if needed.

If You Want More Subscription Benefits... BootayBag

While both companies include free shipping and members-only discounts, BootayBag’s monthly, limited-edition collections – which sell out quickly and are released to members first – got my attention. Each month you can preview the shipment on Instagram, vote on styles and designs, customize your subscription, swap out items, choose the number of items you receive, and add on extras like bralettes and boxers. And since we’re all a little commitment-shy, you can easily skip an order or cancel at any time.

The Winner is... BootayBag

Although this may depend on your personal tastes and budget, I chose BootayBag because I love the designs, prints, prices, and member’s-only exclusives like access to limited-edition styles, subscriber discounts, and earning points for each purchase. The fact that it's run by an all-women team is definitely a plus in my book as well. All the items are sexy and beautiful, and they got their start on Shark Tank, which is one of my favorite shows!