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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

BloomsyBox vs The Bouqs Co.: A Thorny Competition With One Ultimate Winner

Lauren Nowicki
ByLauren NowickiOct 3, 2022


I love a pop of color. Vibrant reds, warm oranges, sunny yellows, and deep purples. A hand-crafted bouquet adds beauty, grace, and even a touch of drama to any room. But I’m busy and don’t always remember to pick up flowers for my house. Or I do buy a bunch from the store … only to be disappointed when they don’t last. So it’s great that there are subscription services that will deliver top-quality blooms to my door as often as I want.

There are two “flower powers” that we’re going to put head-to-head: BloomsyBox and The Bouqs. Which one will snatch the laurel? Let’s tackle this thorny question…

Fresh as a daisy?... BloomsyBox wins!

BloomsyBox is a farm-to-vase operation that whisks flowers to your home within days of being cut. Their flowers are shipped in bud form to bloom on arrival, guaranteeing freshness and longevity.

The Bouqs sources directly from farmers, cutting out the middleman, in order to provide longer-lasting flowers.

Deliveries from both companies stay fresh much longer than flowers you can buy from the grocery store. But BloomsyBox flowers stay lovely the longest.

Artful arrangements?... BloomsyBox wins!

A skilled florist can turn flowers, beautiful as they are in nature, into true works of art. Which of our competitors offers the most carefully curated bouquets?

The Bouqs makes nice arrangements, though they can be just a little sparse.

BloomsyBox, on the other hand, has lovely arrangements that are filled with abundant fresh flowers. The colors pop and they really do add a touch of magic to my home.

Best value for money?... It’s a tie!

The Bouqs offers the lowest price point. If you’re looking for good, affordable flowers delivered to your door, then they are a solid option.

When I’m thinking about the cost of a product, I tend to take into account other factors beyond the immediate price tag. BloomsyBox is generally a little more expensive, but their flowers are so fresh and last for so long that I feel I get more bloom for my buck.

It really depends on what emphasis you place on upfront cost vs longevity. So I’ve got to make this one a draw.

How green are my flowers?... BloomsyBox wins!

I try to be mindful of my environmental impact. Mother Nature provides us with a generous bounty, and I love having her blooms in my house, but I want to show her some respect!

BloomsyBox only sources from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, working with local farmers who are respectful custodians of the land. So when you receive flowers from them, you know that they’ve been sustainably grown.

The Bouqs also promotes itself as sustainable. But for me, the fact that BloomsyBox only works with farms certified by the Rainforest Alliance is a huge plus.

And last bud not least, Flexibility?... It’s a tie!

Silly for lilies or craving carnations? How often do you need your fresh flower fix? Which subscription gives you the best options?

Pick how often you want flowers delivered from The Bouqs, with options from weekly to every other month. Then have your arrangements designed for you or opt to tailor each delivery yourself.

With BloomsyBox you can choose your stem count and let them create an awesome arrangement from one of their monthly or weekly plans. They also offer pet-safe 100% non-toxic bouquets — great for pet parents with concerns about Fido eating the arrangement!

I’d say that both companies can accommodate most people’s needs well, so this one’s also a draw.

Ring the bluebell, we have a winner!... BloomsyBox!

Oh snapdragon, it looks like BloomsyBox rose to the occasion! They ain’t no one trick peony — they’ve won three categories and it’s a draw on the other two.

When it comes to environmental consciousness, freshness, longevity, and curation, they’ve left the competition in the (night)shade! So I think I can safely declare that I’m head clover heels in love with my subscription from the floral artists at BloomsyBox.