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My Subscription Addiction
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Mr. Hoppy Golightly’s Favorite Bunny Subscription Boxes

Mary Zubritsky
ByMary ZubritskyOct 26, 2021 | 8 comments

Hey, every bunny! My name is Mr. Hoppy Golightly (yes, named for Breakfast at Tiffany's) – or sometimes known simply as Fluff – and I am an English Angora Rabbit with fluffy, snow white fur, pink skin, and reddish eyes. And no, I'm not related to the bunny in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Despite being of proper British heritage, I was born in the USA to two prize-winning Angora buns who competed in (and won) lots of competitions and shows back in the day.

Since I'm an honorary Brit, I speak like Stewie from Family Guy and yes, I can be quite condescending as well. I'm totally known for giving the side eye when I disapprove of tall Mary's outfits (who the fluff told you to wear that?), stomping my paws to get you out of my dang way, and I'll even growl at your fingertips if I don't like your manicure. 

Bunny yawning

Yawnnnnn! You bore me!

I'm a city bun, so you won't catch me getting groomed at a fluffing farm like my parents... no way - I'm a fashion bunny! In fact, for the first few years of my life, I even had a guy in a fancy van show up to my apartment in the sky and groom me to perfection.

Now, I have an expert Angora groomer out near the Dulles Airport (you know I'm a jetsetter), and Darby knows all about buns like me.

Lady holding rabbit

Just me and my groomer!

She said so many people got rabbits during the pandemic that her business is booming!

Bunny rabbit

Here I am after my groomer! I am just so cute, there should be a stuffed animal who looks just like me.

Despite not being as in-demand as a dog or a cat, I offer tons of companionship, affection, and joy (and I'm really quiet), and that means I deserve a subscription box too! Imagine my surprise when I found out there are bunny boxes for fluffy little fellows just like me. Let's see what they're all about. 

Mr. Hoppy Golightly's Favorite Bunny Subscription Boxes

1. binxbox - Best Bunny Subscription Box for Binkies

Image via Binxbox.

What You Get: Binxbox is a monthly or bi-monthly subscription box service created for rabbits, by rabbit owners. Their mission is to help house rabbits (like me!) stay healthy, happy, and full of binkies by delivering treats, toys, and supplies to ensure we live our best lives ever.

Wanna know something else that's so fluffing cool about this box? Of course you do! Binxbox works with local rabbit rescue groups to donate time, money, and supplies to help rabbits in need.

What Mr. Golightly Says: Since we're always searching for the perfect spot to flop, a toy that doesn't bore us in five minutes, or a bite of a human snack (marshmallows, anyone?), this box was pretty cool. As soon as it arrived, I hopped over, sniffed it, and then started eating the cardboard packaging! Wait, there's more to it? But I'm just sharpening my teeth, human!

Anyway, I pulled out some kiwi snacks, a timothy hay ball, some colorful teethers, a tee for the tall lady (she'll never wear it cuz it's not Gucci), and a pair of nail clippers (nope, not it, you're not nailing this guy). After everything was emptied, I hopped into the box and pooped. Ahh...

The Cost: $29 for the monthly box, $31 for the bi-monthly box, and $33 for an individual box. 

Ships free within the United States. Check out Binxbox to learn more!


2. Happy Bunny Club - Best Bunny Subscription Box for Flops

Image via Happy Bunny Box

What You Get: Happy Bunny Club is another monthly subscription box that delivers toys, treats, and lots of fun to buns everywhere. Each shipment comes with at least two toys (that I will destroy), two bags of all-natural treats, and at least one surprise gift to make you wiggle your nose.

All products included in each carefully-curated box are non-toxic, natural, and even the box includes non-toxic paint so we can nibble and create our next masterpiece. Each box also includes a hand-sealed letter that lists all the ingredients, info on the bunny charity that's involved, and anything else you could want to know about buns!

What Mr. Golightly Says: So many items for me to sink my teeth into, I didn't know where to begin! I danced around the box, sniffed it, took a bite out of the cardboard, and started digging. Then, I pulled out a wooden carrot (wait, where's the food?), a stuffed bunny that looks just like me, dried birch leaves, sticks, and a partridge in a pear tree.

I like their color scheme because the pink matches my eyes and skin, and they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Hey guys, need a spokesmodel?

The Cost: $27 for an individual box, $138 for six months, and $246 for 12 months. 

Ships to the US, and the rest of the world for approximately $6 per box. Check out Happy Bunny Club to learn more!

Bunny with rabbit toy

Look! It's me!

3.  The Hop Box - Best Bunny Subscription Box for Hops

Hop Box Club

Image via The Hop Box.

What You Get: While it might be easy to confuse The Hop Box with a beer subscription box, I assure you the one I received is for buns and not tipplers. After all, I only drink spiked carrot juice because it's healthy and beer will make me bloat. This monthly subscription box delivers five items each time, and it includes toys, homemade treats, chew things, zoomies, binkies, and a smile. 

What Mr. Golightly Says: I cannot begin to tell you just how much I love Oxbow's Apple & Banana Biscuits, and The Hop Box sure does deliver them! Back in the day when my human used to travel to London for work, she'd drop me off at her parent's house, and after they'd cuddle and groom me, they'd feed me all the biscuits. Yeah, I gained a few pounds and had to go on a diet, but every time they'd crinkle the bag, I'd get on my hind legs and beg and they loved that!

The Cost: $18 per month with a three-month subscription, or $20 for each individual box. 

Ships to the US, Canada, the UK, and more. Check out The Hop Box to learn more!

Bunny begging for food

Get the fluff off your phone and feed me!

4. Bunnies That Lunch - Best Bunny Subscription Box for Posh Bunnies

Image via Bunnies That Lunch.

What You Get: Hey, Bunnies That Lunch is run by two brilliant British buns named Turtle and Tofu, and each month they set out to find the tastiest snacks, most joyful toys, and then sign off with their paw of approval. Also, a portion of their proceeds are donated to Bunnies in Need, a UK-based fundraising group that helps save the buns. 

What Mr. Golightly Says: When Instagram started targeting me with Bunnies That Lunch ads, I became intrigued and just had to try it for myself. After all, those Park Avenue bunnies can't have all the fun and yum. When it arrived, I was a little confused as I couldn't figure out... who says I'm bored? I sit at this window all day and night judging the buns strolling by in their less-than-desirable furs. I mean, we can't all be covered in luxe angora fur. Duh!

Once the Boredom Breaker toys were unpacked, I quickly pushed them out of my way (here you go, peasants!), flopped over, and started munching on my fruit salad. OK, tall Mary, I'm stressed and pooped! Please come over here and love me, and then rub my head until I grind my teeth and fall asleep.

The Cost: $17 per month with a three-month subscription, $18 per month with six-month subscription, or $20 for each individual box. 

Ships to the US and most countries worldwide. Check out Bunnies that Lunch to learn more!

Bunny with a bunny box

Bunnies that Lunch giving me all the feels RN

5. Bunny FunBox - Most Bunderful Bunny Subscription Box

Bunny Fun Box

Image via Bunny FunBox.

What You Get: Bunny FunBox is another monthly subscription for bunnies and bunny parents. Each box includes two yummy bunny snacks, two fun toys, and three bunny-themed gifts for my annoying human. Bunny FunBox also donates a portion of their proceeds to a different small animal rescue each month.

Founded by twin sisters who share their love of animals (especially bunnies) and art, they illustrate and design all the bunny-themed items. They also illustrate children's books and digital pet portraits, and incorporate cartoons of their bunnies into each of their designs. 

What Mr. Golightly Says: While I'm not exactly selfish, I really think the entire box should be all about ME! After all, I'm the star of the show here so why does tall lady get to have fun too? I guess sharing with a friend is out of the question, so it's a good thing I don't have any siblings or companions living with me.

Luckily, they have a My Royal Bunny Box that was so perfect for me. It included things like a magic wand to turn her into a frog, freeze-dried pears, an apple stick bouquet, and stickers. I really think these girls need to create a digital portrait of me so I can be the face of their brand.

The Cost: $49 per month, $135 for the three-month plan, and $240 for the six-month plan. 

ACTIVE DEAL: My Subscription Addiction 20% off First Box

Ships to the US and most countries worldwide. Check out our review Bunny FunBox to learn more!

Mr. Hoppy Golighty's Final Say

bunny on couch

Sometimes you've gotta stop and smell the fake roses!

Oh, what the fluff! What I really, really want is a box that delivers a twice-daily dose of lettuce, celery, head rubs, and healthy treats. Bow down to me now!

Bunny on a bed

I am the KING of the buns!

Which bunny subscription boxes win over your favorite rabbit? Let us know in the comments!

Mary Zubritsky
Mary Zubritsky

If shopping were an Olympic sport, I’d be a gold medalist. And while my bank account often feels the crunch, I just can’t stop buying secondhand clothing and accessories, under-the-radar designer goods, stuffed animal unicorns (I have about 75), and toys for my pet bunny rabbit. After 20 years of city slicking in NYC and DC, I now have a car and love to tour the Virginia countryside looking for vintage shops, undiscovered wineries and breweries, historic sites, and Thai restaurants—I’m addicted to Thai food. I never leave home without a spare phone charger because I love horror movies and therefore have an irrational fear of being stranded somewhere with a dead battery.

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Thank you for the reviews, Mr G! I hoppen to know of a deserving bunny, and hadn’t realized there was such a choice in sub boxes. You’ve simplified the season’s gifting, and bun-bun and I thank you for that.

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Mary Zubritsky

You’re abso-fluffing welcome!

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Too cute! Thanks for a fun review.

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Mary Zubritsky

You’re welcome. I’m trying to get him to write more and pay my rent.

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Great review!

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Mary Zubritsky

Thank you!

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Mary, this is so adorable and helpful! My ginger lionhead rabbit Nigel will love these sub boxes. I never thought to try one of these for my little guy, but this would make buying toys easy!

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Mary Zubritsky

Thank you! Lionheads are soooo cute!

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