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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Battle of the Brightest Smile: Snow vs. Direct Smile Club

Ali Van Straten
ByAli Van StratenNov 24, 2022Sponsored

There isn’t a day that you won’t find a cup of coffee in my hand. My husband jokes that I’m 99% made of coffee, and he’s probably right. Enter the problem: my teeth have really yellowed.

After we took our family photos a few weeks ago, I was really disappointed in how my teeth looked in the pictures. So, I decided it was time for a change and started looking into at-home teeth whitening options. Snow and Smile Direct Club were at the top of my list to try, so I put them to the test! I found a new favorite, and that favorite is also having a buy one get one free Black Friday sale...just saying.

If you're looking for quick results...Snow

With a busy work schedule and two little kids, I don't have a lot of time to spend whitening my teeth. Snow gives you flexibility: Snow whitens teeth in as little as 9 minutes a day, or for even faster results, up to 30 minutes. I used their maximum strength serum to start! I tried it out and sure enough, after 20 minutes, my teeth were noticeably whiter. This is the perfect solution before a dinner date or an important event.

With Smile Direct Club, their teeth whitening kit requires you to use it every day for 7 days, twice a day to see results. I just don't have time to commit to that!

If you have sensitive teeth...Snow

As I've gotten older, my teeth have gotten more sensitive and usually, teeth whitening kits make my teeth hurt. I love that the Snow At Home Teeth Whitening Kit is formulated to be gentle on enamel, so people with sensitive teeth like me are able to use them. I've used both the Snow regular and the Extra Strength Teeth Whitening Serum, and haven't had any sensitivities as I do with other teeth whitening kits!

If you're on a budget...Smile Direct Club

Of the two whitening systems, Smile Direct Club has some cheaper package offerings. On the lower end, Smile Direct Club’s Premium Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light costs around $40, while the Snow At Home Teeth Whitening Kit costs around $149 (with a cheaper subscribe & save option).

However, I will say that you definitely get what you pay for with Snow. It's a higher-quality product and in my opinion, it's worth the extra money to see almost instant results. Snow’s kit also includes over 75 whitening treatments and is built to last, so if your smile needs a touch-up 6 months down the line, you’re taken care of. At just $2/treatment, it’s actually a steal.

I also appreciate that Snow has a Confidence Club subscription, which helps you subscribe & save on purchases. You’ll also receive a Whitening Toothpaste and a Booster Gel every 45 days, so you can maintain your beautiful, bright smile.

If you're looking for a comfortable mouthpiece...Snow

Both Snow and Smile Direct Club have UV lights to whiten teeth, but I found the Snow At Home Teeth Whitening System’s mouthguard was more comfortable. The UV mouthpiece was flexible and easier to use, while Smile Direct Club’s mouthpiece felt a bit stiff.

The Verdict

After trying both Snow and Smile Direct Club, Snow was my clear winner for gorgeous pearly whites! I loved that Snow’s Teeth Whitening System only took 20 minutes to see results, and that it didn't make my teeth sensitive like most whitening systems do. I would definitely recommend Snow over Smile Direct Club if you're looking for an effective, fast, and comfortable at-home teeth whitening experience.