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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Battlbox vs. Nomadik: Which Outdoor Subscription Is Better?

Jude Phillips
ByJude PhillipsNov 17, 2022Sponsored

I proudly call myself an outdoorsman through and through. I’m always looking for the newest and coolest outdoor survival gear to take with me on my next adventure in my beloved rugged mountain terrain. My favorite way to stay up to date on new outdoor gear is through subscription boxes that give me my much-needed adventure gear fix. Two of the most popular boxes are Battlbox and Nomadik…I've tried both and I'm here to tell you which one is best.

If you really want to be prepared to make it in the wild…Battlbox

Battlbox is designed to literally help you survive in the outdoors. Not only is the gear in each box handpicked by outdoors professionals, but it’s all useful in any hairy outdoor situation. My Battlbox Pro Plus this month came with outdoor essentials like trail markers, reusable fabric wrap, and two knives that I know will come in handy. Past boxes have come with products like a folding shovel, water purifiers, and a headlight. Nomadik boxes tend more toward softer products like sunglasses, protein bars, and adventure activities that although fun, may not be super helpful in times of need.

If you want the most options…Battlbox

Battlbox has four box options – Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus – for outdoorsmen like myself to choose from. Each is valued at, respectively, $60, $100, $180, and $287, and comes with four pieces of gear at the smallest level to seven items at the largest. Each of these boxes arrives monthly, and you can change or cancel your subscription at any time.

Nomadik has only two box options – monthly ($60 value) and quarterly ($200 value). The monthly comes with three to five items and the quarterly comes with five to eight items. Perhaps most starkly demonstrating the difference between these two, the monthly subscription to the Battlbox Pro Plus box costs $169/month plus shipping, while the quarterly Nomadik box costs $149.99/quarter. It seems to me that the monthly value of the Battlbox Pro Plus is much higher.

If you want a more personalized box…Nomadik

Nomadik has you fill out a personal profile when you order your first box so they can tailor future boxes toward your interests, so if you’re looking for something slightly more personally curated, Nomadik may be more in your court. Although Battlbox doesn’t work on this level of personalization, the gear in each box is selected by outdoors experts – ever watched Southern Survival? Yeah, that’s the Battlbox team, so I trust them.

If you’re looking for more than just a subscription box…Battlbox

Not only does Battlbox offer subscription boxes, but they also sell a HUGE amount of gear. When you click on their “shop” tab, there are over 30 categories of gear to buy. Even more, Battlbox works to build their community, offering monthly giveaways, informative article content, Battlbucks rewards, and environmental protection initiatives. You can buy gear on the Nomadik site, but their offering is far less robust.

The winner…Battlbox!

If I haven’t convinced you to get your hands on a Battlbox yet, what are you waiting for?! I know it will come in handy for you on one of your future outdoor adventures.