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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Battlbox Review: This Box Might Very Well Save Your Life

Steven Triana
BySteven TrianaSep 15, 2022In partnership with BattlBox

Wait, how could a subscription box save your life? Hear me out!

This isn’t about a specific box (though I could absolutely make an argument for each box and its capabilities to save your life), but about the Battlbox subscription.

It’s worth the monthly cost—no matter the tier--if you’re an outdoors person, if you camp, if you hike, if you sail or go out on a boat, if you go skiing or snowboarding in the backcountry, or even if you travel around in a van and vlog your Gen Z little heart out…this box will have plenty in it each month that you’ll end up needing or using.

“But save my life?”

Yep. How do I get to say that? Because I am a native and resident of the land where all those crazy stories come from: Florida. Which means every June 1 to November 30, I and the rest of the hurricane alley states get to watch the Atlantic for storms that will bring a world of problems: namely high heat, no electricity, and contaminated water. See where I’m going?

The 4 Tiers of Battlbox

Each Battlbox is a themed “mission” and the subscription is broken into four tiers:

  • Beginner: This level is the beginning tier, which goes for $34.99/month + shipping, with a $60 average value
  • Advanced: Advanced is the Basic level plus a few higher-priced items, which comes in at $64.99/month + shipping, with an $100 average value
  • Pro: This level builds on both Basic and Advanced with top-tier products that you wouldn't typically find at local sporting goods stores, costing $119.99/month + shipping, with an $180 average value
  • Pro Plus: All of those tiers and a quality, well-crafted blade from brands like TOPS, Fox, Buck-n-Bear, Willumsen, and more! This one comes in at $169.99/month + shipping, with a $287 average value 

Review of My ‘Must Have’ Battlbox Items

I’ve gone through a few boxes, so let me break down some of the items that came in it, and why they support the main headline.

In Mission 88’s box, I received a My Medic Super Bivvy, some 1100 paracord, a SLNT Faraday Dry Bag, a Grayl 16.9oz Ultrapress Water Purifier, and a great tool manual that definitely has a prime position in my library.

In Mission 89, things like a Rescue Essentials Battle Bandage, a Nicron H35 1600 lumens headlamp, and even custom molded earplugs from Decibullz for tactical applications, along with some incredible tools that I have had my eye on.

If I’d bought these things individually, I’d have absolutely exceeded $500…so those two Pro Plus boxes gave me more than I paid when combined.

When Quality Means Life or Death 

Let’s look at why some of these items are critically important to have on hand.

First, the Grayl Ultrapress Purifier is the new hotness in water source filtering and purification. The cup is light, can fit in most water bottle pockets on packs if you go into the bush, and is easy to use. But did you catch that first sentence? Water purification and filtering. When a hurricane hits, there’s a rush to supermarkets and warehouse stores to buy water, and news stations nearly screaming to get as much as you can.

The Ultrapress lets me purify water out of the tap, so if it is contaminated, it won’t be after I use it.

Let’s recap why quality matters here:

  • Drink contaminated water, especially with emergency services overwhelmed after a storm or out in the wilderness, and you’re done for.
  • Don’t drink water in high heat or out in the wilderness because you ran out of it? You’re done for.

Okay, now let’s think about what would happen if you’re out on your boat fishing or camping and cut yourself deeply. Oh look, the Battle Bandage is there to help stop your bleeding until you can seek medical attention.

And what if you go into shock or the weather shifts and you’re looking at possible hypothermia? The My Medic Super Bivvy is there to help regulate your body temperature.

Out in the woods hiking home and it’s a bit late or that tornado or weather event knocked out power for days and you need light? There’s the Nicron H35 1600 lumens headlamp, giving you plenty of light to give you hands-free capabilities.

What’s It Cost?

Pricing starts at $34.99 and goes up to $169.99.

You’re absolutely getting more than your money’s worth, no matter what tier you choose. This subscription just might save your life. Imagine every month getting a box and what could be in it. The gear bag you’d have over a few months would cause others to be green with envy.

Long-Term Focus on Survival

This box is for anyone who lives in a place where survival—from the environment or other calamity—becomes a priority. It’s for our men and women in the military and law enforcement or emergency services. It’s got uses if you travel to other countries or go on excursions away from cities…the Battlbox uses are endless.

As a gift or for yourself, you’ll see why this is absolutely one of my favorite boxes, and one I look forward to getting monthly.