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Updated June 30, 2021

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Put merely, Yahyn is the best and most straightforward way to get the best possible bottle of wine for the perfect occasion. Our simple, question-based artificial intelligence platform helps you discover your flavor profile from countless possibilities, thus tailoring your search results from your profile into a useful find. The process is rather simple; wineries are integrated with the Yahyn platform through an API, (Application Programming Interface,) then buyers choose from its massive inventory aggregator and find the bottle that is most ideally suited to their preferences (based on a proprietary scientific method that correctly predicts taste). From that point on, the transaction is processed through the platform, and the winery/retailer fulfills the order. Finally, a 2-step review process is initiated between buyer and seller, resulting in a mutually satisfying transaction. Yahyn helps you discover your unique flavor profile to find the perfect bottle for the perfect occasion, in essence turning the consumer into an instant sommelier (without the requisite years of training) Yahyn is an amalgam of old-world traditions with a modern twist, bringing your favorite vintages with a simple connection with the future. Wine is more than the bottles, or labels, or famed vineyards. It is a labor of love that begins with a simple plucking of a fruit. Sonnets have been written about the romance of wine and the emotions it evokes; a favorite occasion, a momentous day, a great achievement, wine is a metaphor for life. At Yahyn, our sole raison d'etre is to provide you with the perfect bottle for the perfect moment.

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