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Sakara Life Reviews

Is Sakara Life Right For You?

Updated May 10, 2024

Sakara Life
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Sakara Life Overview

About the Brand

Sakara Life is a meal subscription delivery service that promotes healthy eating with organic plant-based diets and a rich philosophy that promotes food as a means to a healthier lifestyle. The food comes prepared and ready-to-eat so you don’t have to cook. In addition to the meals, Sakara Life also delivers tea for detoxing, supplements to ensure your diet is balanced and healthy, and health coaching and support to make sure you’re able to achieve any goals. Sakara Life ranks as one of the best vegan meal subscriptions on MSA, and is only growing.

Key Info

  • Price:$56.00 per Week
  • Founded In:2011
  • Ships To:US

What It’s Like to Subscribe to Sakara Life


Read reviews further down the page, too, for more personal experiences.

How Sakara Life Works

Subscribing to Sakara Life is subscribing to a lifestyle.

When you join, you choose how many meals you want Sakara Life to provide, and they will ship you a set menu of meals each week, as well as Detox Tea for daily use and a supplemental probiotic. While a subscriber, you can also access Sakara wellness coaches for any support. The meals are predetermined and you don’t need to do any choosing each week, it just shows up at your door and the meals are ready to eat.

The diet is likely a big change for most people, so your body will probably have to adjust to the diet as you work towards dietary goals.

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Example Sakara Life Recipes

On the Sakara Life menu you’ll find all vegan dishes of a wide variety such as:

  • Sedona Chili bean medley, poblanos, yellow lentils, chipotle + Olive Oil Cornbread
  • “Anti-inflammatory” Veggie Masala with veggies, sauteed greens, turmeric-ginger masala
  • Banana protein bread with berries
  • Sakara Bibimbap with brown rice, vegetables, kimchi, goji-chili sauce
  • Ethiopian plate with turmeric lentils, spiced eggplant, garlic spread, injera flatbread and awaze sauce
  • Classic superfood granola with spirulina-infused green goddess mylk

Pricing Options Breakdown

Sakara Life’s prices are higher than the average meal subscription, but on top of the quality and flavor of the ingredients you also receive tea, supplements, nutritional balancing, and coaching.

Pricing for Sakara Life is also complex, and depends on three things:

  • Which meals you choose between breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • How many days per week you choose between 2, 3, or 5 day options
  • Whether you subscribe or simply order one week - subscribing offers a small discount

Prices here represent what we saw for one person receiving lunch and dinner as a subscription, plus the tea, supplements, and coaching.

Days Per Week - Lunch + Dinner Price Per Meal Price Per Week Monthly Total
2 days/week $29.75 $119 $476
3 days/week $29.83 $179 $716
5 days/week $28.90 $289 $1156

Sakara Life Pros and Cons


  • Health oriented vegan recipes carry a lot of flavor
  • Supplements to maintain nutrition
  • Easy to order and easy to eat with little prep needed


  • Pricey
  • Can be a major shift in diet that you should be ready for
  • Not for those who want to cook

What Diets Does Sakara Life Accommodate?

Diet Is Sakara Life Good For This Diet?
Keto Doable but not easy
Paleo Doable but not easy
Gluten Free Yes
Vegetarian Yes
Vegan Yes
Dairy Free Yes
High Protein Not by itself
Low Carb Yes
Organic Yes

What Else You Should Know About Sakara Life


Sakara Life offers some unique programs and products above and beyond their subscription.


Detox Program: This is a limited space program which fully immerses you in the Sakara Life for 5 days. All meals are provided by Sakara Life, and you also have daily check-ins with a health coach.


Bridal Program: If you’re looking for a healthy food plan before your wedding, Sakara Life offers a four-week version of their normal subscription in addition to one month of meditation + yoga and gifts from Sakara and their partners that might help you prepare for your wedding.


Sleep With Sakara: Sakara Life believes sleep starts with nutrition, and this limited-edition program offers three weeks of their normal subscription, sleep essentials, and expert coaching focused on sleep.


Shop With Sakara: You can also find a shop offering supplements, snacks, tea, beauty products, and more via their clean boutique.

Is Sakara Life Worth It?


If you’re interested in a healthy lifestyle where the food you eat is central to your well-being, fueled by organic, vegan meals - and you have the budget to afford it - then Sakara Life is a great option for you.

If you aren’t prepared to join the Sakara Life-style, you aren’t willing to go vegan, or you are just looking for a more cost-efficient way of providing ready-to-eat meals, then Sakara Life is probably not for you.

How Sakara Life Compares


There are a few other key meal subscriptions that help understand where Sakara Life fits in the marketplace. If you want a lot of options fast, try checking out our list of meal subscriptions.

Sakara Life VS Freshly: These are both prepared meal subscriptions, but Freshly is worth checking out if you’re looking for more classic non-vegan recipes and/jor something more affordable.

Sakara Life VS Factor_: These are both prepared meal subscriptions that cater to healthy eating lifestyles, but Factor_ is tailored more to Keto diets and would be more affordable. Factor_ has vegan options as well but would be more limited.

Sakara Life VS Purple Carrot: These are both plant-based, vegan options, but Purple Carrot offers ingredients for you to cook yourself in addition to prepared meal options, so you can cook for yourself if you prefer your ingredients delivered whole. Both options are more affordable than Sakara Life, but there are no “extras” that come with it.

Sakara Life Reviews

Sakara Life News

Sakara Life FAQ

How to skip a week of Sakara Life?
If done before the deadline, you can skip a week by editing your upcoming weeks.
How much does Sakara Life cost?
For any Sakara Life signature subscription plan, meals will cost around $29 each, which also gets you the tea, supplements, and coaching.
What skill level do you need to cook Sakara Life meals?
Sakara Life meals come ready-to-eat, so no cooking skills are required!
Is Sakara Life good for families with kids?
Sakara Life is not a great option for families with kids - while some adult family members might enjoy a subscription, the meals are not designed for kids.
Is the packaging of Sakara Life meals environmentally friendly?
The plastic packaging that Sakara Life comes in is recyclable.
When does Sakara Life ship meals?
Sakara Life usually ships two days a week depending on your location and subscription preferences.
How to cancel Sakara Life?
While the first week is not able to be cancelled, you can cancel anytime after that by logging into your account and managing your profile. If you do not cancel before your weekly deadline, you will be charged for and delivered meals that week, but can still cancel all future deliveries.

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Sakara Life
0 overall rating
Starting at $56.00
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