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Dyper Reviews

Is Dyper Right For You?

Updated August 10, 2022

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Dyper Overview

About the Brand

Dyper is an eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo diaper subscription that sends you diapers as often as you need to keep your home stocked. Dyper diapers are free of any artificial chemicals that might irritate your baby’s skin.

Key Info

  • Price:$80.00 per month
  • Founded In:2014
  • Ships To:US

What It’s Like to Subscribe to Dyper


Read reviews further down the page, too, for more personal experiences.

How Dyper Works

Diaper subscriptions have never been easier. Based on the size of your baby and how often they need a diaper change, select the appropriate size and the frequency of deliveries. A box will arrive regularly and keep you stocked so you’ll never run out of diapers when you need them.

Pricing and Size Options

The price for Dyper is $80 per box for regular diapers and briefs, or $88 for wide diapers. However, the number of diapers you receive changes depending on the size of diaper you need. You can also choose the frequency of delivery between 2 and 12 weeks which affects your total monthly costs.

Diaper Size Quantity for $80
Size 1 - Under 10lbs 264 pieces
Size 2 - 6 to 16lbs 224 pieces
Size 3 - 13 to 22lbs 184 pieces
Size 4 - 20 to 31lbs 140 pieces
Size 5 - Over 28 lbs 120 pieces

Wide diapers only come in sizes 3 and 4 and come with the same number of pieces as the chart above for sizes 3 and 4.

Briefs come in sizes 2T up to 6T, and always come with 100 pieces no matter the size.

Dyper Pros and Cons


  • Made of bamboo, so it’s biodegradable
  • Free of pigments, dyes, rubber, latex, chlorine, alcohol, lotions, TBT and phthalates
  • Easy wetness indicator
  • Convenient delivery for busy parents


  • Feels wet faster and might fray if too wet
  • Might not be good for overnights if it gets too full without sealant
  • Bulky

What Else You Should Know About Dyper


Don’t worry about running out - Dyper has an SOS service to ship you diapers last minute if you need them.

Their diapers are “Standard 100” certified by OEKO TEX, a Swiss safety certification body. One of the biggest benefits of Dyper’s bamboo construction is that the entire diaper is compostable. If you can’t commit to composting at your own home, Dypier has a REDyper service where you can bag and box your used diapers and ship them back to Dyper to compost for you - all for free.

Dyper also purchases carbon offsets to help achieve carbon neutrality.

Is Dyper Worth It?


Many other brands are pivoting towards eco-friendly and allergen-free materials, including cheap everyday brands you might find at the grocery store. That said, the bamboo construction of Dyper is unique, and if you commit to composting them then no other diaper service is as eco-friendly.

If you can’t commit to composting, then the price of Dyper is a bit prohibitive, especially since they don’t hold as much liquid. Other options can save you money and still be more eco-friendly than classic plastic options.

How Dyper Compares to Other Top Diaper Subscriptions


Dyper VS Honest Diapers: Honest costs $96 per month, however you get a few more diapers at each size and are forced to order wipes as part of your subscription. If you ordered wipes with Dyper, you would be paying a similar price, but if you prefere to get your wipes elsewhere then Dyper would be a better option. Honest diapers are made of a wood-pulp and have patterns on them, whereas Dyper is completely white and made of bamboo fibers.


Dyper VS Hello Bello: Hello Bello is another eco-friendly diaper but only costs $65.99 per shipment, and while the diaper counts are comparable (fewer diapers on the small sizes, but more diapers at bigger sizes), you also get four packs of wipes for no upcharge. Hello Bello does have patterns compared to the full white diapers of Dyper, and is made from wood-pulp as well compared to Dyper’s bamboo.

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