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AutoBrush vs. The Amazon Knockoffs: 4 Critical Differences To Know

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereNov 10, 2022In partnership with AutoBrush

Here. We. Go. We put AutoBrush to the test and compared it against those generic Amazon knockoff brushes that are out there. And the results blew us away!

Here are 4 critical differences between AutoBrush and all of the not-so-fun knockoffs:

1. AutoBrush cleans WAY better than the knock offs and is clinically proven.

Of course the most important aspect of a brush to consider is how effective it actually is. And let me tell you - AutoBrush totally crushes it! Their brushes are clinically proven (yes, you read that right!) to give a 27x better clean than those standard kids brushes.

The knockoffs, as you might have guessed, are not clinically proven to do anything. The silicone knockoffs are actually clinically proven to be WORSE for your child’s teeth than not brushing at all - I’ll tell you more about that below.

AutoBrush is clinically proven to brush better on every single spot, including:

  • 37x Better on Proximal surfaces,
  • 22x Better on Lingual surfaces,
  • 20x Better across the Gumline,
  • 10x Better on Facial surfaces,
  • Resulting in a 26.6x Better Clean

AutoBrush also uses the ADA-Approved BASS technique and over 48,000 nylon bristles to carefully scrub plaque from your child's teeth, leaving a bright and happy smile. Each and every time!

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2. The silicone knockoffs simply do not work. AutoBrush has bristles.

The truth is, the silicone knockoffs you can find all over Amazon do not clean well after ANY period of time and it’s because the silicone is not strong enough to have any impact.

In fact, it’s actually really harmful for kids to be using these knockoffs – there have been major clinical studies done that show that these silicon versions are WORSE than not brushing at all.

The silicon is just not strong enough to clean teeth effectively and can’t scrape plaque from teeth. And that is exactly why AutoBrush’s U-Shaped brushes have over 48,000 nylon bristles to carefully scrub plaque from your child's teeth.

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3. AutoBrush plays music while brushing!

Another key feature of AutoBrush is that their brushes play music while brushing! It’s a really fun and awesome feature that none of the Amazon knock off products or standard electric toothbrushes offer.

And it’s not just a “cool” feature either – it really keeps my kids entertained and excited to brush their teeth. The cheerful music actually turns brushing into a fun activity for them, not a dreadful one. That makes all the difference!

“I was honestly at a loss. My son would run and cry when it was time to brush his teeth, and I felt like I had to sacrifice his health or his body autonomy. I discovered the AutoBrush, and giving him a brush he loves has been a game-changer!” - Stephanie D.

4. AutoBrush only takes 30 seconds to use.

I love that AutoBrush only takes 30 seconds or so to do the full job. It’s both a dream for me and my daughter!

It’s definitely due to the quality and effectiveness of their clinically proven brushes. The Amazon knockoffs, while they can definitely get you close to decent cleaning after a whopping 3-4 minutes, simply cannot work on the same level that AutoBrush does.

Ha, they’re called knockoffs for a reason.

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AutoBrush is a clear winner!

Clearly, AutoBrush is the #1 kids clinically-proven toothbrush for a reason. The knockoffs out there are clearly, as their name indicates, knockoffs.

I'm also a big fan of the fact that AutoBrush has a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their products, which gives me total peace of mind. And that their brushes only start at $35 or so, which is well below what I've been seeing all of those electric brushes go for lately!

As a very busy mom, I wholeheartedly recommend AutoBrush to make brushing teeth fun and actually effective! Shop AutoBrush HERE for 10% off!