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AutoBrush is Having a Black Friday Deal – Here’s What You Need to Know

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoNov 4, 2022In partnership with AutoBrush

Editor’s Note: Everyone’s jumping on the AutoBrush train, and for good reason - this deal has shoppers buying AutoBrushes for the whole family, so act fast before they sell out of Daniel Tiger or the other characters!

Here’s the skinny: AutoBrush is rolling out an awesome deal for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but you get early access! You can snag these innovative toothbrushes and everything else on their site for 15% off, using code EBF15. And, guess what! On November 9, they’re introducing an exciting new character for the kiddos: Unity the Unicorn!


Wait, What’s An AutoBrush?

AutoBrush is a U-shaped toothbrush that cleans all surface areas of your teeth at once! This cool technology is great for kids who are resistant to having their teeth brushed, and just as thorough for adults. The AutoBrush stands out from other automatic U-shaped toothbrushes in that its vibrations and up to 58,000 tapered nylon bristles offer a whole-mouth clean in only 30 seconds!

Does it work?

According to a recent clinical study, YES! The results showed that the AutoBrush is “statistically superior to ADA manual toothbrushes,” and that AutoBrush users ​​were “27 times better at removing plaque from the whole mouth compared to manual toothbrush users.”

What makes AutoBrush extra special?

The fact that AutoBrush uses nylon bristles as opposed to silicone sets it apart from the rest. Most, if not all, U-shaped brushes claim to do the job in 30 seconds, but the cheap silicone ones just plain don't work. In fact, they've been shown to be as effective as not brushing at all - yikes! If you're going to choose a U-shaped toothbrush, you'll definitely want to make sure it's equipped with nylon bristles. They are ultra-fine and have proven strong enough to remove plaque, yet really gentle on your gums. Getting the right one is like using 20 toothbrushes in one - which makes AutoBrush very special indeed.

Does this deal apply to everything on AutoBrush’s site?

It sure does! Not only can you stock up on adult brushes and kid brushes, but you can use this deal to stock up on all the oral care items you need, like adorable flossers, tongue scrapers, and teeth-whitening pens.

Any fun surprises coming up?

Glad you asked! On November 9, AutoBrush is introducing Unity the Unicorn to their pro line of kids' brushes, which may just be thrilling enough to make me buy a backup to our beloved Lenni the Lion brush!

When does this deal end?

This exclusive sale runs through November 28, 2022.