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Aurate vs. Mejuri vs. Ana Luisa: The Best Luxury Jewelry Brand to Buy From

Amy Sun
ByAmy SunMay 30, 2023Sponsored

Want to add some luxury jewelry pieces to your collection but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. The term “luxury” alone can feel very intimidating, nevermind the fact that there are a number of brands that claim to be the best value for your investment!

I’m the kind of person who takes her time before making any big decisions, and investing in jewelry certainly falls in that category for me. I started my search for the best brand to buy from and found Aurate, Mejuri, and Ana Luisa at the top of my list. And while all three options are suitable on the surface, there is definitely a clear winner.

When I compared them side-by-side, here’s what I found:

If you are looking for jewelry that’s truly sustainable (and made with recycled gold)…Aurate

Both Ana Luisa and Aurate make their jewelry with ethically and sustainably sourced materials, but Aurate definitely goes the extra mile. Their jewelry is made with recycled gold, so nothing newly mined. To support small businesses and communities, they also source their gems from family-run establishments. This level of commitment to doing what is best for the earth while also supporting local economies makes Aurate jewelry something that I’m proud to wear.

If you want the highest quality jewelry…Aurate

Investing in luxuries is something I enjoy. I work hard for my money and I am very selective about what I spend it on, because I want to be sure it’s a good investment. What I love about Aurate is that their jewelry is actually all made of real gold and diamonds (no brass, no fillers etc.).

It’s basically like Tiffany, Bvlgari etc. but then fairly priced because of their direct-to-consumer business model. Aurate is in fact so confident in their quality that they back it with a lifetime warranty, which is not something that the other luxury jewelry brands offer. It really shows that they stand behind their products and genuinely care about customer satisfaction. I’ve worn their products for years now without so much as a mini tarnish, so I get why.

If you like the brick and mortar experience…Mejuri

Mejuri definitely takes the win here as the only one that operates physical locations! If shopping in person and trying on a few different pieces at a time before making a purchase is important to you, Mejuri has a storefront in most major cities across the country with usual business hours.

Conversely, though Aurate used to have a bunch of stores, their online channel was so seamless and successful, they have now become 100% online. Heads up the returns process is very easy and includes free shipping if you aren’t happy with your order.

If price is a factor…Ana Luisa

Of course you want jewelry that looks and feels luxurious! Not all brands have price points that are comfortable, though. If you’re looking for that luxurious look and feel without the matching price tag, Ana Luisa is the winner. Pieces run between $50-200, depending on what you choose. While that’s still a lofty price, it’s a bit more attainable. Just be aware you won’t be getting high quality. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, folks.

Though there is always something to be said about quality and how it pertains to price (price/value basically). The pieces from Aurate definitely cost a bit more, but with the quality, shine, and longevity of their 14k vermeil and solid gold, it’s easy to see why they’re priced a bit higher. The quality is impossible to ignore!

If you care about unique designs…Aurate

For me, design is also a key factor in deciding what piece of jewelry I am going to buy. While all 3 brands have nice wearable designs, I really think Aurate stands out in its uniqueness. Aurate’s jewelry has a bit more edge, a bit more coolness, and a bit more of that NY grit (they are born and bred in NY, so makes sense). You can tell a lot of love and TLC went into designing the jewelry they offer (as opposed to more fast fashion like nonstop launches).

If you support women empowerment…Aurate

Aurate is a brand that’s centered around and inspired by women: it’s female founded (by two longtime friends!) and 90% women-led at every stage of production, including design, testing, and stressing samples to ensure the highest quality pieces hold up to their exacting standards. They’ve even partnered with women to launch beautiful jewelry together in beautiful campaigns (Kerry Washington, Michelle Choi, to name a few). If you prefer your money to go toward supporting and empowering women at all levels, look no further than Aurate!

And the winner is…Aurate

All three of these brands are good options for anyone who is looking to add to their jewelry collection, but Aurate is definitely in a class of their own. From the ethical and sustainable sourcing of their built-to-last materials to their luxurious look and feel, Aurate’s pieces are worth every penny, and they will be with you for life! As you can tell, I am a huge fan. 😉

And I have amazing news - Aurate gave me an exclusive code bc I love the brand so much, and I'm sharing it with you all. Use code FANFAV30 for 30% off it all, no minimum spend (legit better than anything they'd have on their site!).

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