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My Subscription Addiction

Athena Club vs. Venus: Should you Ditch your Drugstore Razor?

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereMar 22, 2022

Athena Club
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I’ll admit, I’ve never been great at shaving. I didn’t have any older sisters to learn from, and my mom wasn’t the best teacher. It took me years to master using shaving cream, and I often would use my Schick Intuition razor because it had a built-in soap block. I would constantly nick myself shaving or change out my razor depending on the body part being used (no joke, I had 3 razors in my shower at once). Shaving was not an activity I looked forward to. However, all of this changed when I tried Athena Club

Looking to make the switch? Check out my comparison below, and see why I prefer Athena Club razors to drugstore razors (most notably, the Venus Smooth razor). 

Athena Club vs. Venus

Quality & Design - Athena Club vs. Venus

Athena Club: This razor feels a little heavier and sturdier in my hand, which helped me keep control while I was shaving. The blade stayed sharper for longer than my Venus razor did, so I could get a few more shaves out of each blade. The razor kit came with a magnetic hook for storage, which I am happy to say has actually worked (and looks great in the shower). I also enjoy the clean, simple look of the razor (all one color with a metallic magnetic strip on top). 10/10

Venus: Call me clumsy, but I found that the Venus razor slipped out of my hands a lot while using it, leading to more cuts. Maybe it’s the plastic grip as opposed to the rubberized handle on Athena’s razor? This blade does get dull more quickly, so I find myself changing it every few shaves. In terms of design, my razors have sometimes come with wall units, which have a bulkier look in my shower. 5/10

Winner: Athena Club

The Shave - Athena Club vs. Venus

Athena Club: I had read Athena Club’s website and multiple reviews claiming it was the silkiest, smoothest shave out there. Honestly, I had my doubts - what could make one razor shave so much better than another? Well, let me tell you how wrong I was - this shave was notably smoother than with my venus razor. The blades are cushioned with skin guards and shea butter, and it glided so easily and precisely over my skin that I didn’t have to shave the same area twice. The shaving cream, or cloud shaving foam as they call it, is just that: a cloud foam. I cannot emphasize enough how much I loved the shaving cream; a little goes a long way, although I frequently found myself using too much because it was just such a soft and luxurious feeling. Plus, happy to report zero cuts in my first few weeks of use. 10/10. 

Venus: The Venus razor gave me as long-lasting a shave as the Athena Club razor, although it just didn’t feel as indulgent and easy of a process. I found this razor a little harder to maneuver vs. my Athena razor, and it didn’t glide as nicely over my knees, which is where I often get nicks. I bounced between using body wash & Gillette shaving cream, and while I don’t dislike either of these options, they’re nothing to write home about. 7/10. 

Winner: Athena Club


For Different Body Parts - Athena Club vs. Schick

Athena Club: This is an important category to me, as I’ve had multiple razors in the past for different body areas. My ultimate test for my Athena Club razor was using it to shave all body parts - could I really have one razor instead of 2-3? Yes, yes I could. The thinner blade area combined with the rubber handle made the razor easy to maneuver to hit all body parts. I do occasionally miss the trimmer on my other razor, but I prefer Athena overall. 9/10. 

Schick: I don’t use my Venus Smooth razor for all body parts - I use it primarily on my legs. For harder to reach and more sensitive areas, I use Schick Hydro Silk 5 trim style razor. I have used this for years, because I like that it has both a trimmer and a razor, depending on the body part, and if I want to trim versus fully shave hair. However, I often get razor burn from this razor and small cuts. I also wish the razor side of it would maneuver more than it does. 7/10. 

Winner: Athena Club

Subscription & Price - Athena Club vs. Venus

Athena Club: Athena Club’s subscription starts with a razor kit, which includes the razor, 2 blades, and the magnetic wall-hook for $9. You can sign-up for blade refills every 2, 4, or 6 months as follows: 4 blades every 2 months for $3/blade, 8 blades every 4 months for $2.50/blade, or 12 blades every 6 months for $2.25/blade. You can add on other Athena Club products like shaving cream, body wash, or body lotion on a one-time or subscription basis. Athena products always ship for free.

Venus: while most people only think of going to CVS to buy Venus razors, you can start a subscription directly from the brand or from Amazon. Venus has multiple razor options, ranging from the more standard smooth razor with 3 blades to the deluxe razor with 5 blades + a moisture ring. The subscription for the Smooth razor on Amazon starts at $6.64 for the razor and 2 blades, with 8 blade refills priced at $18 (vs. $20 for Athena Club). 

Winner: Venus

The Ultimate Winner?

I don’t dread shaving now with my Athena Club razor, so I’ll take Athena Club over my drugstore razor any day. 

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Caroline Levere
Caroline Levere

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