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My Subscription Addiction

Athena Club vs. Nair: Battle of the Wax Strips

Megan K.
ByMegan K.Nov 15, 2022Sponsored

I feel like body hair is something I spend way too much time thinking about. I have tried literally everything except the super expensive high-tech lasers at a medspa. Maybe, just maybe, if I ever manage to hit the lottery, I can indulge in those pricey celebrity treatments, but currently, as a totally normal person, I need a balance between effective and gentle hair removal and a happy bank account. Wax strips have been my choice lately, and, of course, I did a deep dive into the brands available. Nair is that brand that has been around since before I even had leg hair but the new wax strips from Athena Club caught my eye too. So, I put both to the test.

Most Gentle: Athena Club

Waxing isn’t ever an activity that I would qualify as pain-free. Let’s face it: we are literally ripping out body hair from the root! But there are certainly different levels of pain and a good wax formula can really make a difference here. Athena Club’s wax is designed especially to remove hair while still being gentle. I didn't believe it until I was ripping out my arm hair, bracing for that yelp of pain that was more like a whimper. The arm I waxed with the Nair strips was more painful and stayed red longer. Athena Club seems to have really planned out the waxing experience from beginning to end, as both the face and body sets arrive with soothing wax-removing towelettes and the facial assortment also includes a rollerball skin-soothing serum that calms skin and zaps away redness.

Most Effective: Athena Club

Both of these brands have results that can last up to 4 weeks. This can depend on how fast your body hair grows, but it sure lasts longer than shaving! The main difference for me was that the Athena Club wax seemed to grab onto the smaller and thinner hairs along my arms and legs more effectively than my Nair kit. This made the hair removal more complete and thus left me feeling like the Athena Club kit was more effective and longer-lasting with hair removal overall.

Least Expensive: Nair

Let me start off by saying that Nair strips are super affordable. A box of 40 strips will cost you about $5.99 at Target which can be incredibly tempting. But, as most of us have learned, a low price doesn’t always mean a good value. And in this case, if you care about your skin, the pain levels of waxing, and aftercare, you are going to want to spend a little bit more on the Athena Club kit. The Wax Strip Kit for Face costs $10 and comes with 20 double-sided strips, 6 post-wax wipes, and a skin-calming serum, while the Wax Strip Kit for Body also costs $10 and comes with 24 double-sided strips and 6 post-wax wipes.

Best Ingredients: Athena Club

Both of these waxes are powered by Glyceral Rosinate Wax but Athena Club’s formula is vegan + cruelty-free and formulated with sustainable sourcing practices. The aftercare products also have more of the ingredients I generally see in high-end skincare, like hyaluronic acid, aloe, niacinamide, and panthenol. I would say this is extra important if you have sensitive or reactive skin, but, honestly, even if your skin isn’t prone to irritation, it still deserves these higher-end ingredients.

Easiest Shopping Experience: Athena Club

Your girl loves a subscription. It makes life easy and keeps me from spending extra money in the aisles of Target. Athena Club strips have free shipping and you can set up an auto-delivery schedule. I also recommend browsing their other amazing body care products (the deo and shower gel are A+!). Want more? You save 20% off of your first order, so stock up!

Overall Winner: Athena Club

Athena Club absolutely gets my vote for the best wax strips on the market. The affordability, ease of ordering, stellar ingredients, and gentle process make it the easy choice over the Nair strips kit. So, if you have been looking for a new waxing kit or you are just feeling like your dated Nair kit is no longer delivering the results you want, this is your sign to treat yourself to an Athena Club kit ASAP.