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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Athena Club vs. Drugstore Razors: Which Razor is Right For Your Sensitive Skin?

Jessica Hapak
ByJessica HapakOct 12, 2022In Partnership With Athena Club

It feels like I’ve tried all of the razors that claim to be designed for sensitive skin.

🗸 Razors with a half-inch thick moisturizing lotion bar on either side of the blade? Check.

🗸 Five-blade razors on a pivot head that allegedly hug every curve? Check.

Unfortunately, none of those razors worked very well or instilled a sense of loyalty to a particular brand. So after seeing that Athena Club makes razors designed for sensitive skin and hearing from lots of friends that it’s elevating their shaving experience, I decided to test these razors.

Let’s see how Athena Club compares to the razors I’ve been buying.

If You’re Looking For a Close Shave With Minimal Irritation…Athena Club

First, and most importantly, let’s talk about performance! My Athena Club razor gives me a close shave that doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin (and trust me, if my skin wants to be irritated, it’s going to find a way). I have a lot of curves, and my razor moved with them while shaving to avoid nicking the skin while still giving me a close shave. In the past I had to choose razors that either gave me an extra-close shave (but came with nasty razor burn) or razors that didn’t irritate my skin (but left me feeling stubble literally the next day).

If You’re Looking For a Razor That You Don’t Have to Worry About Refilling…Athena Club

I have three words: subscription refill plan. As much as I love coupons and getting a good deal, the reality is that I almost always forget to buy more razors and am left searching my apartment for a fresh razor to shave my legs. Sure, drugstore razors are a “win” when you're in a pinch and need to run out to buy a new razor stat. But the beauty of a subscription refill plan like Athena Club is that you don't need to be in a pinch in the first place! With Athena Club, I can choose the frequency of how many razor cartridges I want and how often I want them shipped to my door – it’s one less thing I need to worry about. Plus, by subscribing, I lock in a better discount AND can skip, pause or cancel any time. This is personally way better for me than what I was spending at my local drugstore (even with the coupons)!

If You Want to Combine Sales with Coupons…Drugstore Razors

I love getting a good deal. So if you have the time to check out local deals at the drugstores and combine those sale prices with coupons for even more savings, then drugstore razors get the win here. (These savings aren't limited to razors, either, but can also save you some money on shaving gel, body wash, and aftershave products for sensitive skin.) Before I tried Athena Club, my most recent razor purchase was a 4-pack of 3-blade sensitive skin store-brand razors on clearance for $3.74. Did they give me the best shave of my life? No. Were they an absolute bargain? Yup.

If You Want More Function and Style…Athena Club

First, I love that Athena Club comes with a magnetic stick-on holder and ergonomic grip handle. It makes my experience of shaving way more comfortable and convenient. Plus, not only are they easy to hold, I also love the style and color options. (When was the last time you saw drugstore razors in colors other than vibrant pink, neon orange, or bright yellow?) With Athena Club, they currently offer their Razor Kit in coral, sky blue, midnight, rose, glacier white, onyx, lilac, and matchpoint yellow. The options from Athena encompass a much broader range. If you want alternatives to the traditionally feminine pink razor, then Athena is definitely the right choice for you.

The Ultimate Winner…Athena Club

Though it definitely depends on what is most important to you when it comes to selecting the best razor for sensitive skin, for me the winner was Athena Club.

I like that I can choose what frequency I want for replacement razor cartridges. As someone who always has too much to do and not enough time to do it, I can really appreciate that this is an affordable and effective way to have a small self-care task down pat – and my sensitive skin appreciates it, too.