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My Subscription Addiction

Athena Club vs. Dollar Shave Club: Which Razor is Right For You?

Violette de Ayala
ByViolette de AyalaDec 9, 2022Sponsored

Years ago I spent thousands of pennies on laser hair removal, but I still have some stubborn hairs that just won’t go away. These stray hairs are mostly around my knees and bony shin areas, you know, the areas that are hardest to shave without making a bloody mess. So I need a good razor that could keep my legs smooth and my knees free of nicks. I recently came across Athena Club and Dollar Shave Club and decided to test them both. Here’s the razor that I’ll be sticking with:

The one with the best performance…Athena Club

The Athena Club Razor has a unique way of curving around sharp, edgy and tight areas along my knees, ankles, and even my bony shin areas. I love the way it pivots in the smoothest way around my legs and the ergonomic handle makes it easy to navigate a shaving session with one stroke per area.

When I used the Dollar Shave Club Razor, I found the head of the razor to be a bit rigid in comparison. It also didn’t seem to pivot in a rotary-like motion like the performance of the Athena Club Razor. I found that the Dollar Shave Club Razor had a firm handle but it wasn’t as comfortable as the Athena Club Razor. For me, the winning feature was the way Athena Club Razor pivots and moves in such an easy way leaving me with a cleaner and smoother finish.

The one with the most color options…Athena Club

Athena Club easily wins this category hands down. With 10 gorgeous colors to choose from, it was hard for me to pick just one but I landed on my favorite shade of blush pink and the color just makes me smile. I love a good and unique design and Athena Club Shave Razor excelled in this area too. The matching magnetic hook is so seamless to use and keeps my blades dry and gunk-free.

Dollar Shave Club’s razors definitely look more utilitarian and don’t have the same appeal to me. There are a few limited edition color options but nowhere near the amount of choice that Athena Club offers. There’s also no holder to easily store the razor when not in use.

The most convenient and affordable option…It’s a tie!

Both Athena Club and Dollar Shave Club offer easy refills subscriptions with no commitments which are a more convenient and way more affordable option than drug store razors. The Athena Club starter kit costs $9 and comes with a handle, 2 five-blade cushioned cartridges with water-activated serum, and a magnetic hook. The Dollar Shave Club 6-blade starter set cost $10 and comes with a handle and 2 six-blade cartridges. Refills for Athena Club and Dollar Shave Club start at $2.25 and $2.13 respectively.

The one with the most add-on potential…Athena Club

More and more, I’m looking for one-stop shops that have all the best personal care essentials I need in one place. Athena Club and Dollar Shave Club both offer add-ons like shaving cream, as well as body care items like body wash and body moisturizer. But Athena Club has more of the items I’m looking for like face wipes, deodorant, wellness supplements, period care, candles, and more. All of Athena Club’s products have the same pleasing aesthetic and high-quality ingredients.

The ultimate winner…Athena Club

I am 50 years old and started shaving my legs at age 11, so my quest for smooth and cut-free legs has been decades-long but I finally found the one. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly, easy-to-purchase, perfect hair removal product then I highly recommend checking out this stunning razor from Athena Club.