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6 Best At Home Hair Color Kits and Subscriptions

If I had to compile a list of all the places my closest friends and family are missing right now, the hair salon would likely be number one. Sure, having your hair salon-fresh is certainly more of a luxury in times like these, but simply having your vision of good hair is certainly a mood-booster. I feel like my hair has been a wild mess, and up in a topknot for over a month now between showers. Admittedly, I am not even someone who goes to the hair salon all that regularly, so the fact that even I am missing some sort of professional color boost is really telling!

A few of my friends have switched to some at-home hair dye and color brands to get them through this time. I decided to compile a list of the favorites they mentioned to me in hopes that it might be helpful for all of us out there who are wondering how to dye your hair at home.

Updated Color&Co’s coupon language on  9/4/20.

At-Home Hair Dye Kits and Subscriptions

1. eSalon

Image via eSalon.

The Brand: eSalon

The Cost: $27.50 for a single delivery, or $22.00 if you set up a scheduled auto-delivery. 

Why It’s Great: eSalon has a really great quiz on the front end which goes over a lot of really important details in terms of your current hair state, your hair goals, and recommendations to keep it healthy. Each shade is mixed individually by a colorist especially for you, and your delivery comes with personal instructions on application tailored to you and your hair. They also provide guidance before and after the process, and if this is your first time coloring art home, that sort of hand-holding might be super welcome!


2. Color&Co by L’Oreal

The Brand: Color&Co by L’Oreal

The Cost: $26.90 for a single delivery, or $21.90 if you set up a scheduled auto-delivery. 

Limited Time Deal: Now through December 31st, use code MSA5 to save $5 off your first month.

Why It’s Great: This is another service with a thorough quiz but in addition, you have the option for a video consult with a colorist before making your shade choice. They also have a virtual try-on feature that is very cool! This service doesn’t stop at natural shades; you can even buy vivids and pastels, though a video consult is required for those bolder shades.


3. Madison Reed

Image via MadisonReed.

The Brand: Madison Reed

The Cost:$26.50 for a single delivery, or $22.00 if you set up a scheduled auto-delivery. 

Why It’s Great: With over 50 natural shades to choose from and excellent grey coverage, Madison Reed has a lot to brag about. In addition, they also boast an odor-free and ammonia-free formula and Leaping Bunny certification! They also have a helpful quiz, virtual try-on, and Madi, a virtual colorist chatbox!


4. Hairprint

Image via Hairprint.

The Brand: Hairprint

The Cost:$35.10 for a single delivery, or $39.00 if you set up a scheduled auto-delivery. 

Why It’s Great: Hairprint doesn’t bill itself as a hair dye, but rather the only formula out there that can restore natural pigment (eumelanin) to grey hair. Admittedly, this line is rather limited with shade options (Light Brown, Brown, and Dark) but it is meant to be a much more natural option for those of us with loads of greys who want a more natural solution.


5. Overtone

Image via Overtone.

The Brand: Overtone

The Cost: Shampoo is $18.00, conditioner is $29.00

Why It’s Great: Not a hair dye, per se, Overtone is a line that adds color to your hair with shampoos and conditioners. I have at least 2 friends who are working from home, and they decided this was the perfect time to try out the wild hair color they always wished they had! Julie actually went with a bold blue and Meghan added a pastel pink shade to her tresses. Overtone isn’t permanent, meaning you can go a little bold without the commitment, but it is demi-permanent, and the total longevity can depend on your hair. Not into rainbow hues? No worries! Overtone also has more natural shades to help you enhance your hair and hide some roots and greys.


6. Lush Henna

Image via Lush Henna.

The Product: Lush Henna Hair Dye

The Cost: $27.95 for an 11.4 oz brick

Why It’s Great: If you are looking to go 100% natural, this henna bar is an awesome choice! While it does have a slightly limited color range (red, chestnut, brown, or black), it is one of the most natural ways to enhance the color of your hair. Application is a little more involved though, requiring gloves and mixing tools, but for those looking for a “green” option, this is a big win.


Are you coloring your hair at home or holding out for your hairdresser? What are your favorite brands?

Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

Comments (23)

  1. Where can you get discount code for MR??

  2. I’ve been using Madison Reed for a few months. I signed up for the initial shipment and was sent a microfiber towel as a gift. I have a large volume of gray and left the dye on for the recommended 30 minutes and got okay coverage.

    They sent me an email asking about my experience and send me a free replacement shipment (along with a plastic mixing bowl and brush) to try again. They also sent an email with additional instructions (leave the dye on for 45 minutes).

    The 45 minutes (longer time) gave amazing coverage (no gray peekthru) and it doesn’t have the awful smell. The kit comes with gloves, shampoo, conditioner, a packet of pre-treatment for your skin area.

    I setup the periodic shipment for autoshipment.

  3. I was a loyal customer of eSalon for several years and very happy with the product — even had them do my hair in person at their shop in El Segundo, CA. They recently changed their formula to a much inferior product as it doesn’t cover my grays. When I wrote to tell them (again, a customer for years), I got what sounded like a form letter admitting they had changed their formula to a “creamier” consistency for the ease of application. I responded and said I had no problems applying the former formula that covered my grays. I said if this was what they were using even after feedback, not to send me anymore as it’s not working for me. I said I would give Madison Reed a try. I received a response the next day saying they hoped I had better luck with Madison Reed (basically, don’t let the door hit you on your way out), or they could give me a free treatment of the same formula that wasn’t covering my gray. Hmmm … hoping my delivery of MR that arrived today works out.

    • Did MR work better to cover the gray?

    • I received my first order from esalon when they still had their original formula and it covered my greys beautifully. Then I got an email before my second shipment stating they had changed their formula and, like you, the product I then received was inferior and no longer covered my greys and washed out in 1 to 3 shampoos instead of the 24 shampoos they claimed. When I asked if the original formula was possibly available I got the answer that all their customers loved the new formula so basically telling me I was the only one not happy with it (obviously NOT true per your review). They said they would adjust my formula for better grey coverage but it actually seemed to have gotten worse – the last shipment of color I received from them lasted ONE shampoo before a good portion of my greys were showing again! (I’m using their demi permanent color.) So, like you, I’m looking for a new company to order from. 🙁

  4. I tried esalon and they didn’t listen to my requests. The next kit I wanted lighter and more ash. They sent darker and less ash. Not for me.

  5. I ordered Revlon Root Erase from Walmart and am shocked at the results. I wear my medium brown hair dark blond with highlights to easier camouflage gray and had a full inch of brown/gray grown in since I hadn’t been to the salon since late February. 10 minutes this morning and I look like I just left the salon. I used medium blonde since dark blonde was sold out. I cannot believe the results. It was $5.29 and has 3 uses!!! I have an appt at my salon on 5/26 but don’t know that I will be comfortable going. If not, Root Erase to the rescue! Luckily, I have a very low maintenance cut and was growing my hair out anyway, so …

  6. I tried eSalon a few times and they never got my color correct. The reds at Madison Reed are way too limiting if you want to try and cover gray. So far Ion from Sally works better than the subscriptions I’ve tried.

    I haven’t tried Overtine but I do use KeraColor Clenditioner and it seems very similar.

  7. Thank you for this list! 🙏

  8. I am currently using overtone due to my allergy to propylene glycol. I had gone with henna before my allergy was diagnosed and overtone can go over henna without issues so it was a great way for me to let that tainted hair grow out without ruining it.

    I do honestly wish the color lasted a bit longer and it’s not as vibrant as if you had bleached, but it works well. I currently have permed hair and the formula is definitely great as a hair mask as well. No bad smells either.

  9. My stylist recommended Madison Reed; placed my first order a couple of days ago using a referral code from a friend that dropped the cost from $29-something including shipping to $14 and change.

    Although I’ve not home-colored in years, I’m looking forward to this “Fix it!” opportunity!

    • I would like to try it! Do anyone have a referral code that I can use? Thanks! 🙏🙏🙏

      • Maggie, I have one just email me at lbmtexas at yahoo dot com and i can give it to you

  10. Please be careful using henna! It will not come out of your hair the same way other dyes do. Do your research before using it!

  11. I just used esalon and was very happy with the entire experience. They ask a million questions to ensure you’re getting what you want and what will look good with your skin tone. They reached out to me shortly after my order shipped to let me know if I was unhappy with the strand test to contact them and they’d adjust the color however I wanted. It came out exactly as I wanted. I also like that you can completely customize your shipments at any time. Definitely glad I tried it.

  12. Overtone is super fun and I love the product. As a hair stylist I cannot recommend henna if you don’t know what you’re doing. Henna does not come out. Period. End of story. Some henna dyes can’t even be bleached out, so just proceed with extreme certainty if you go that route.

    • If I have blonde hair now (bleached at the salon) and I use overtone would my hair go back to being blonde? I want it to fade out to the same color as I have now, but I would love to change it up while we are here. I am worried my icy blonde will turn yucky.

      • That depends on what color you are using. If it’s the pastel series then much of it would fade out and getting it back would be very workable. If it’s the extreme or vibrant, then no some color would stick to the bleached hair. They also now make a toner replacement line – again semi vs permanent.

  13. I tried esalon. It made a terrible mess in my shower, burned my eyes, is brassy (specifically asked to tone down my red undertones), and left my hair dry. Never again.

  14. I tried eSalon. My regular hairstylist actually helped to pick the correct color. Initial shipping was a bit delayed, but from what I understand it’s faster now. It was easy enough, but I used to color my hair at home. I would say the coverage was OK, but not great. My grays are coming through much faster than usual. When I went in to cancel the auto delivery, I left feedback about the gray and was offered a free month with an improved formula. If my salon wasn’t mixing up “to-go” kits now, I would take eSalon up on it – I was impressed with the service.

  15. Lol. I didn’t realize this was a thing. I’m 30 and buy hair dye bi weekly. I dye my entire head of hair blue or any other color when the feeling strikes. I honestly probably will continue to do so until I’m 90 years old. My blur hair feels natural after having it for years.

    Next door lady is 40 and crying about dying her hair over grey hairs since she’s never dyed before. I open up my cabinet and have all this hair dye falling out. Told her to pick a color 😂 .. It’s fun!

    • I wish i har you as a neighbor. Sounds fun.

    • I’m with Tiffany! So when two new neighbors move in and randomly wander over one with wine and I’ve with chocolate we can have a hair coloring party! This is what quarantine has done to me lol

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