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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

As Someone With Type 2 Diabetes, This Is How I Effectively Support My Gut Health

Anna Smith
ByAnna SmithSep 26, 2022In Partnership With Pendulum Therapeutics

I’ve lived with Type 2 diabetes for 17 years now. Diet, exercise, genetics, stress level, allergies–all these factors and more have an impact on how difficult diabetes is to manage.

I’ve experimented with many medications throughout the years with varying degrees of success, and I’ve found that I prefer alternative treatments. Because of this, I was receptive when my daughter-in-law suggested I give Pendulum glucose control probiotics a try.

Long-term management of my diabetes is the goal–primarily through managing my diet. Read on to uncover how Pendulum supports my gut health and my overall quality of life with diabetes.

First Impressions

Probiotics have been reported to have a positive impact on the metabolic control of people with diabetes. I’ve tried a probiotic supplement before, but it wasn’t a good fit for me because I had some unpleasant side effects.

I didn’t write off probiotics altogether, though–they’re not one-size-fits-all. Pendulum, founded by a group of PhD scientists, is specially developed for glucose control for people with Type 2 diabetes taking Metformin. Pendulum’s novel strains of gut bacteria can’t be found anywhere else, and are designed to promote your body’s natural metabolism–a major win for those of us battling diabetes.

In Pendulum’s clinical trial, results found that participants taking Metformin saw an -0.6 A1C reduction compared to placebo participants, as well as an average -32.5% spike reduction in postprandial glucose.*

If all this sounds a bit science-y (as it did for me when I first started reading about it!) then don’t worry. A Pendulum subscription gives you access to their in-house team of dietitians, who provide expert advice through group sessions, educational webinars, and individual coaching.

The Results

I’ve been taking a Pendulum supplement for a month now, and there have been no negative side effects. I have noticed a general improvement in my digestive health and even a boost in energy. I’ve not seen a change in my A1C level yet–but it’s early days. Pendulum recommends waiting 90 days to measure improvement, based on clinical trial findings. As I’ve learned, managing Type 2 diabetes is a marathon, not a sprint!

I’m confident that maintaining good gut health can help with overall wellness in many ways, and I think that Pendulum can benefit my own health journey–and hopefully helps me get down to my goal A1C level.

The Verdict

The cost of a Pendulum subscription is not cheap. But, in my experience, few effective remedies–or prescription medications, for that matter–are. The cost is comparable to the probiotic supplement I took before, but Pendulum actually works for my body! Plus, the access to healthcare professionals whenever I need advice is a wonderfully unique feature of Pendulum.

I’m pleased with the strides I’ve made in managing my energy levels and digestive health thanks to Pendulum, and I’m really looking forward to Pendulum remaining an integral part of my fight against diabetes in the years to come.

*Users should consult their physicians before starting a new medical product, and for those with Type 2 diabetes, Pendulum is best taken in conjunction with users’ prescribed medication. Individual results may vary.