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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

As a Shorter Guy, I Hated Bringing In My Clothes For Alterations. But I Found The Perfect Solution in Ash & Erie.

RC Williams
ByRC WilliamsJan 26, 2023In Partnership With Ash & Erie

Alright, guys, you know the feeling… you see those really stylish and good looking clothes in the store and you buy them without a second thought. But then you get home and realize that, while they look sharp, they don’t fit that well.

The sleeves are too long…the shoulders are a bit too broad… the jeans are too long and bunch way too much over your shoe. You get the point. It’s hard to find perfect fitting clothes because unfortunately you’re not the tallest, like me.

But as I was bringing my clothes in again and again to get altered, I did some digging into finding a solution. And let me tell you…I found an incredible brand called Ash & Erie that not only solves the sizing issue I face, but also makes incredibly stylish apparel.

Here’s why you should check out Ash & Erie today and give their apparel line a shot:

Your Clothes Will Fit Correctly… The First Time!

Have you ever been able to wear your new clothes on the same day that you buy them? I haven’t… until Ash & Erie.

One of the best perks about adding Ash & Erie to your wardrobe is that anything you buy from them will fight correctly right out of the box! We’re talking:

  • Properly scaled sleeves & pant legs (inseams down to 25 inches)
  • Shorter body lengths of tops and bottoms
  • Multiple sizing types to fit your exact body shape
  • And, of course, beautiful designs and premium, high quality fabrics

Their Fit Is Simply Better.

Sizing aside, Ash & Erie’s clothing brings style to any outfit. They’ve got it all - button down shirts, t-shirts, henleys, chinos, sweats and more.

And not to mention their jeans. To spare you a 4,000 word essay about how I've never been able to find well-fitting jeans, I’ll tell you this: Ash & Erie’s jeans are the best-fitting, most comfortable and best looking jeans I’ve ever bought!

Especially as we head into colder temperatures, I’m loving their button down and flannel shirts, particularly their Oak Flannel Shirt. It’s 100% a new staple in my wardrobe.

You’ll Save Lots of $$$ And Time From The Tailor

You probably don’t even want to know how much I was spending at the tailor each month. I mean, it was practically like double shopping because I had to get all of my clothes tailored.

Thanks to Ash & Erie’s designed-from-scratch fits, the tailor is no longer needed for me. Their shirt body and sleeves are the perfect lengths. I noticed that the pants length is perfect for me, too, and I don’t need to do any unnecessary cuffing at the bottom or rolling up.

I also really appreciate how Ash & Erie offers free returns, exchanges, and shipping on all orders.

Overall, You Should 100% Check Out Ash & Erie

In all seriousness, if you’re on the shorter side like I am and struggle to find clothes that fit correctly right out of the box, then you need to check out Ash & Erie today.

I was initially skeptical about placing an order, but once it arrived, I was instantly impressed with the accuracy of the sizing. Not to mention the great quality material with a fit that is nearly identical to a custom-tailored shirt!

Shop their full line of clothes here and use code MSAASH&ERIE to get 15% off!