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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

As a Minimalist, I Despise Clutter – Why Bespoke Post is My Exception to the No Subscription Box Rule

Damon Sumner
ByDamon SumnerSep 16, 2022In Partnership With Bespoke Post

One thing about me: I don’t shop for myself. All too often, when I really need something, it’s too late: the Crock Pot is broken. The cologne bottle is empty. My favorite pair of socks has a big hole in the left toe. So, when Bespoke Post came across my social media feed as an ad, I did what you’re taught to do as an adult who has been online since the AIM glory days–you just want to scroll past it. However, I was instantly hooked on Bespoke Post’s refined product curations and flexible membership options.

Bespoke Post offers high-quality items from unique brands such as refined kitchen knives, a cigar kit, and even fresh seafood–meaning you’re getting lifestyle items you can actually use for a great price, while supporting independent brands. I’ve found that Bespoke Post’s value, uniqueness, and quality are unrivaled in the subscription box world.

You can tailor your box to your interests

For starters, you share key information about your interests before any boxes are shipped. You’ll receive an email detailing what’s inside, and you can customize your box to reflect style and color preferences. Additionally, you can pick a different box if you’re not feeling the selection, or skip the month entirely.

No reason to fill your kitchen with new cookware if you live off of GrubHub–that’s one of the biggest perks I appreciated. Whether it was the cold-brew maker, the sleek fine point pen, or the very necessary organizational box for my nightstand, I’ve received items that fit my lifestyle and most importantly, items that don’t start piling up in my living room.

You can skip a month and cancel if needed

Bespoke Post’s flexibility allows me to skip a month if nothing is piquing my interest, which is ideal from a minimalist’s POV. I get to save money and cut down on deciding which of my friends is going to receive my newest box shipment… and that’s exactly the type of subscription I’m after as someone who despises clutter.

Yes, I am very happy with Bespoke Post today. But life happens. In five months, who knows. Therefore, not being locked into a contract was a must because it took me two years, a notarized letter and a smidgen of bribery to get out of my gym’s contract. And I can’t go through that again.

Bespoke Post offers easy exchanges and returns

Knowing that Bespoke Post offers free exchanges, easy returns, and no commitments may be the largest piece of the puzzle for me. I have the same shopping habits as my 79-year-old granddaddy (who still eats canned meat), so I needed easy returns. Nobody wants to go back and forth with a chatbot about jeans that you don’t love because they remind you of your aunt.

The Verdict

In all, I am really digging Bespoke Post. Every month they send me goods that I need immediately, will definitely use soon, or excite me because they fit in seamlessly with my lifestyle. Bespoke Post has made me a happy minimalist–because who doesn’t enjoy a practical gift from time to time?