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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

As a Homeschool Mom, Here’s Why I Love This Outdoors Box For My Kids

Brandi D.
ByBrandi D.Dec 2, 2022In Partnership With Wanlow

One of the things I love most about homeschooling my kids is the fact that we have so much flexibility in where our learning takes place. It’s so important to allow kids to explore the world around them and while most of our learning takes place indoors, whenever we can get outside is when I see my kids learning and engaging with the world around them the most.

The great outdoors teaches us about science, nature, observation, and beauty, and it allows room for free thought and creativity. With Wanlow boxes, it’s become even easier for us to get outside and take on new adventures in learning! I enlisted Wanlow to get my kids outside, and here’s why we love it for adventuring:

How Wanlow Guides our Learning


Each month, Wanlow boxes focus on a different aspect of getting outside and exploring. We’ve learned about navigation, maps, solar power, and this month we learned about tying different ropes and Morse code. I love that not only are these useful skills, but they are also topics we can easily combine with traditional school subjects like history and reading. I definitely see us making the segue from nautical literary themes to knot tying!

My daughter was eager to test out the flashlight they provided with some Morse code signals. Learning about this method of communication was challenging for both of us, but it piqued her interest and I know she is eager to learn more about where it came from and why it was used. This was an awesome way to encourage self-led learning!

While everyone learns differently, I think most would agree that hands-on activities that are fun and engaging give more meaning to the lesson at hand and help the content stick better in your mind. My kids are already very into fort building, so these flexible rubber connectors were an easy way to engage them. The connectors can be used with sticks and twigs from your yard, so not only is it fun, but my kids get to work on some engineering skills, problem solving, and even cooperation as they work together to build.

What About Reading and Writing?


There is so much emphasis on reading and writing in both traditional schooling and homeschooling, and for good reason! These are both basic skills that are so important to communicating and interacting with the world around you and you’ll need them for the rest of your life. Since the Welcome Box where we received a journal in which we could record our outdoor experiences, Wanlow has continued to provide products that encourage reading and writing in a way that makes sense with their mission of getting kids outside. This month we received a set of campfire story cards that are perfect for sparking creativity and getting kids to engage in language arts through storytelling. I know my son couldn’t wait to piece together his first story using them!

My Verdict

As a homeschool mom, I sometimes get stuck when it comes to ideas that make our educational experiences engaging. Wanlow boxes are perfect for giving our learning a focus that we can expand on in a way that best suits our needs! My kids love the great items they send, and I love that the products appeal to them and foster a sense of learning in a natural way. Who knew a monthly box would be the ideal solution to thinking outside the box when it comes to getting your homeschooled kids engaged with nature?