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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

As a Carb Lover, I Had My Doubts About This Bread That Had None

Rita Wong
ByRita WongJan 19, 2023In Partnership With Hero Bread

Like most modern, health-conscious adults, I’ve tried and failed countless times to reduce carbs from my diet – bread has consistently proven to be my kryptonite! And, unfortunately with some unfavorable blood test results, I had to make the switch to lower-carb alternatives.

I came across Hero Bread, a low net carb baked goods brand. In the past, most “low carb” alternatives I’ve tried have tasted bland, are super dry, and just overall don’t hold a candle to delicious, carby alternatives. So, I was pretty certain it’d be a quick write-off for me and my picky kids. How can a bread with ONE net carb behave like regular bread? Well, I tried it, and I’m here to deliver a (potentially shocking!) verdict.

High Quality Sandwich Bread

I love my bread super “bready” – soft, airy, and full of texture. That’s where Hero’s Seeded Bread comes in. Hero Seeded Bread hits all the important categories, exactly like a loaf from our local independent bakery.

Each bite is moist, fluffy, delicious, and packed with a generous helping of seeds for that satisfying extra bit of taste and texture. The slices are sturdy, too, which is so important. They hold together when piled high with juicy tomatoes and handle all the condiments without falling apart. Perfect for any kind of sandwich, toast, and even croutons, I was surprised at how much my kids loved their PB&J sandwiches with Hero Bread–which is such a relief, since I loved it, too (Psst: they had no idea it was healthy!)

Nutritious Bread for a Healthier Diet

The fact that Hero Seeded Bread is one NET carb – which is total carbs minus the fiber – but still satisfies my cravings is ideal for maintaining my low-carb diet. Not only does Hero Bread have half the calories (only 60 per slice!) of regular bread, it only contains 0g sugar and more than double the fiber at 12g per slice. Eating bread this tasty, yet healthy, feels like I’m cheating.

My Kids Love It, Too

Bread makes up the cornerstone of a lot of my kids’ meals–from the aforementioned PB&Js to weekday turkey sandwiches, grilled cheeses, and even French Toast, bread is a mainstay in our home. So if my kids didn’t like it, it wasn’t going to hold court in our kitchen. Luckily, they didn’t notice it was anything different from our regular bread–and they’re picky eaters, so that was pretty shocking! I’m so happy I can sneak in a better-for-you alternative into my kids’ carb-heavy diets. Hero Bread might just be sticking around…

The Final Verdict

Hero Seeded Bread truly has been a game changer for me. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to reduce carbs from your diet, but that lingering craving I have always felt for bready foods (hey, I worked in a bakery in high school!) in the past is gone this time around. Even if you don’t have any specific dietary goals, I’d wholeheartedly recommend Hero Bread because you get the health benefits without having to sacrifice anything by way of taste or quality. You literally won’t know that it isn’t regular bread (my kids didn’t), but your body will thank you–my only regret is that I didn’t try it sooner!