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My Subscription Addiction

ARMRA vs. Claritin: I Discovered The Holy Grail of Relief

Amy Sun
ByAmy SunOct 13, 2023Sponsored

Every March, I’m overcome with optimism and excitement as the rumblings of spring fill the air, and then every April, I take a nosedive as my face starts to explode with pollen allergies. It’s like clockwork. I’ve had an on-and-off-again relationship with antihistamines to fend off the symptoms my whole life.

They may tone down my itchy eyes and sneezing, but they leave me feeling lightheaded and sleepy, which has me out of sorts the entire day. There's always a catch, right?

When someone in my yoga class mentioned the colostrum supplement from ARMRA recently, my itchy eyes were ready to try anything. I was familiar with colostrum, because I know it’s high in nutrients, like antibodies and antioxidants, and provides the essential building blocks of immunity early in life.

The unique compounds of colostrum work naturally to build the body’s immune barriers, which essentially block allergens before they cross into your body, instead of trying to squash the allergy symptoms after they appear (like most drug solutions do).

I was totally unaware bovine colostrum could offer these same benefits to someone at my age. It blew my mind. I decided to pit ARMRA and Claritin against each other and see which allergy warrior could carry me through this season and offer some much needed relief. Here's what I found.

If you want allergy relief that lets you feel like yourself…ARMRA

For as nuanced as “feeling like yourself” may sound, this is a big one for me. I already mentioned that antihistamines, like Claritin, make me feel lightheaded and sleepy, and leave me with a pasty, dry mouth, which is a really uncool trade-off for alleviating the itchy eyes and sneezing I experience from pollen.

I'm not sure which is worse! It makes me feel disoriented and even unsafe behind the wheel. ARMRA is bovine colostrum, a single-ingredient superfood that serves as a rich source of hundreds of bioactive nutrients known to rebuild our immune barriers in the body and gut. That includes the immune barriers that line the sinuses and lungs. Strong immune barriers here prevent allergens from crossing into the body in the first place.

ARMRA’s approach is proactive (and natural), instead of treating the symptoms of an allergy attack like a band-aid. It’s best taken regularly as a preventative measure that'll keep your body’s defenses up and rarin’ to fend off nature’s rude side. Yeah, I said it. Rude.

If you’re looking for natural, drug-free allergy relief…ARMRA

If you can't tell yet, I really don't like the side effects I experience when I take Claritin. When it comes to antihistamines, I can’t help but wonder why as soon as I stop sneezing, I feel just as worse, tired and with a dry mouth. ARMRA, on the other hand, considers themselves a natural whole food. It's completely clean with no artificial fillers, additives, or preservatives.

The biggest win? I haven't experienced any side effects.

For me, there's no drowsiness and you don’t have to worry about food or drug interactions, either. It’s a natural ingredient that works to protect you during allergy season by strengthening the body’s immune mucosal barriers along the skin and lining of the nose, sinuses, lungs, and gut. I’d say that covers all the bases, wouldn’t you?

If you want something available at the drugstore…Claritin

For some, the decision is made by access and routine, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If adding Claritin to your grocery delivery order or raiding your mom’s medicine cabinet for whatever she has feels easiest right now, you should for sure do that.

For those who have dairy sensitivities: ARMRA’s unique low-temperature processing allows it to mimic a raw dairy superfood while also removing the casein (the most common dairy allergen), so even those who don’t tolerate dairy seem to do alright with ARMRA. But if you’d rather play it safe or are vegan, stick with the drugstore stuff.

If you like the idea of other benefits while you’re at it…ARMRA

ARMRA is an immunity product that supports you during allergy season like a champ, but people are noticing much more when it comes to benefits. Some folks are drawn to taking this colostrum supplement for its milk oligosaccharides, which are a whole-food prebiotic that only feeds the good bacteria in your gut.

Colostrum’s growth factors, antibodies, and immune nutrients actually strengthen your defenses in the gut to prevent bloating and other digestive woes. Others are all about the gut barrier regeneration, which optimizes blood sugar and supercharges metabolic performance. According to ARMRA, there are 200+ potent nutrients in their product, including growth factors, regenerative peptides, and vitamins that are amazing for hair growth and skin, and just plain good for the body.

For my allergies, I’ll be using ARMRA from here on out!

I came for the allergy relief and I’m sticking around for the…everything else. I started taking a daily serving of ARMRA mixed into a glass of water in anticipation of allergy season and I’m amazed to report that so far I’ve only experienced mild congestion.

But in the meantime, I’m giving my body no reason to feel lightheaded, and I’ve noticed less bloating, which has transformed my day-to-day living experience. The ARMRA is absolutely what’s working for me.