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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Armoire vs. Rent the Runway: The Ultimate Holiday Wardrobe Showdown

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereNov 11, 2022Sponsored

If you’re not already renting your clothes, I’ve got to say, you’re missing out. How else are you going to try different styles every week or so? And best of all, there are never any dry cleaning bills. Well, the perfect time to rent clothes is during the holiday season, when you’re looking for that sparkly party dress or cozy sweater that you can wear while stuffing yourself full with cookies.

But which clothing subscription will serve you best during the holiday season and into the new year? Here I compare Armoire and Rent the Runway to see which one will give you the ultimate holiday wardrobe:

If you want unlimited styles for every occasion… Armoire.

Rent the Runway’s site is catered toward fancier events, with many pieces featuring revealing cutouts or daring necklines. Alternatively, Armoire offers a wide variety of high-quality pieces that are suitable for any occasion -- Armoire has it all! For my holiday case, I selected a work dress that’ll be perfect for our office party, casual pants and cute tops for lounging around at home, and a cocktail dress. Armoire has designer clothes that fit a range of body types with sizes 0-3X and they’re always adding new styles. Best of all, Armoire offers an unlimited plan, unlike Rent the Runway which no longer offers this deal.

If you want personalized & fully-customized shopping… Armoire.

It took me so long to find something I liked while scrolling on Rent the Runway. And the last thing I want to do after online shopping for everyone on my gift list is endless scrolling. Armoire is a much more personalized experience. After completing a quick, 5-min style quiz, Armoire uses an algorithm and personal stylist expertise to show you clothing that matches your choices, rather than overwhelming you with options that you’re not interested in. You can also customize your recommended items by category, occasion, and season to narrow your choices more! Armoire’s community also makes it easier to discover new styles by connecting you with other members and showing how they are styling their items.

No doubt, both Rent the Runway and Armoire offer high-quality, fashionable items – but there are differences between the types of clothes that they offer. If you’re into trendy designer wear or are looking for a one-time statement piece, Rent the Runway is where you should go. Alternatively, Armoire’s clothing options are more suitable for enhancing a capsule wardrobe or outfitting you for whatever is on your calendar–not just those big events. So, if you’re looking for long-term staples and statement pieces to mix and match into a bunch of different outfits, Armoire is where you should go this holiday season and beyond.

If you want flexible returns… Armoire.

Something that blew me away was the fact that Armoire lets you keep all your items until your new case arrives so you’re never without styles to wear. Because you get to hold onto your stuff, you actually get significantly more access to clothing. On the other hand, Rent the Runway requests that you send your items back as soon as you initiate a return, so there can be days when you have no clothing options at home. I much prefer Armoire’s returns process in case I have a last-minute holiday event, I don’t have to scramble to find something to wear. For this, and many other reasons, Armoire has my vote.

The ultimate winner… Armoire.

Both Armoire and Rent the Runway offer high-quality and trendy items for rent at a reasonable price. However, as someone who is anti-eternal scroll and in need of a more functional and interchangeable wardrobe, Armoire is the obvious choice for my styling needs. If you’re interested in trying Armoire for yourself to liven up your holiday wardrobe, use our special link to unlock up to 50% off and two free bonus items in your first case.