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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Armoire vs Nuuly: Which Clothing Rental Service Is My Fave?

Hallie Rosenthal
ByHallie RosenthalNov 11, 2022Sponsored

As we’ve started to head back into the office and reconnect with friends, lots of social and work engagements have filled up my calendar. To freshen up my pandemic wardrobe (which, unfortunately, consisted of more loungewear than I’d like to admit), I decided to try a clothing rental service.

Two popular choices–Armoire and Nuuly–aligned with my budget and personal style, so I rented from both to see what kinds of pieces I’d receive. Though both added a new dimension to my wardrobe, there was one clear winner. Read on to see which clothing rental service I’m loving…

If you want high-end style…Armoire

Since Nuuly is part of the URBN portfolio, the Nuuly site leans heavily on brands like Anthropologie and Free People, so the clothing style tends to be younger than I’d prefer. As I’ve gotten older, I’m more comfortable with sophisticated, mature styles, and Armoire definitely delivers on this point.

From brands ranging from Paige to Diane von Furstenberg to Rag & Bone, Armoire offers clothing that is high-end and perfect for my age and personal style. They have options that are both casual enough for everyday wear but dressy enough for all my upcoming events, and I felt like my rented pieces were truly tailored to me.

If you want a traditional browse-all shopping experience…Nuuly

Nuuly allows you to browse their full inventory, regardless of what you are looking for or whether the items are available in your size. On the other hand, Armoire curates your options based on your style, occasion and size needs. If you like spending time browsing through lots of options, Nuuly better delivers on that experience.

If you want an easy-to-navigate site with recommendations…Armoire

Though Nuuly does have a lot of inventory, going through all of the brands and clothes felt like a chore. Nuuly’s style questionnaire is supposed to help you fine tune your search, but it’s not very curated.

On the other hand, Armoire’s style quiz is quick and easy, and the selection of gorgeous items were exactly what I was looking for. As you favorite items, the algorithm continues to work in the background to show you more of what you like and less of what you don’t.

Armoire also allows you to filter by tons of different categories–if you’re looking for fall clothing but you live in a warm-weather climate, they’ve got options for you. And if you need more convincing, Armoire has personal stylists on deck to work with you over the phone or via chat to select your items. Additionally, they allow members to curate looks and closets that are available to everyone who uses the site, so you can see how others are styling their looks for inspiration.

If you want flexibility with your rental clothing…Armoire

Hands down, the fact that Armoire lets you KEEP your current case until your new one arrives makes Armoire the clear winner for me. You really get a lot for your money by being able to keep the clothing, so that you are never without something to wear–it’s such a game changer!

Nuuly requires you to return your items and pay early if you want to get your next delivery. Also, Armoire offers 3 reasonably priced options for their subscription service while Nuuly only offers one. Armoire lets you choose 4 items for $79/month, 7 items for $119/month, or an unlimited plan for $249/month, but you’ll receive a great discount on your first month (up to $110 off!). Nuuly offers one plan, which is 6 items for $88/month. I love that Armoire’s tiered pricing offers something for everyone.

The overall winner…Armoire

Both Armoire and Nuuly offer a wide variety of designer brands for rent at a reasonable price. But with limited time for shopping and a need for sophisticated clothing that I can easily mix and match, Armoire is the best choice for my styling needs.