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Are You ‘Bready’ for This? Hero Bread’s BBQ-Friendly Memorial Day Deal is Here

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoMay 25, 2023In Partnership With Hero Bread

Burger or dog? This just in: you’re going to want both this BBQ season because baby, they’re about to be served up fresh on Hero Bread's Grilling Sidekick Bundle of buns.

Everything Hero Bread offers has 0-1g net carbs, but it’s also fluffy and delicious and will make your life better. In the name of Memorial Day, order anything involving buns for 15% off using code MEMDAY15 from 5/24-5/29.


I’m not eating carbs right now. Why am I here?

Good on you! Believe it or not, Hero Bread has 0g net carbs, no sugar, and fewer calories than what you’re used to seeing in bread.

What does “0g net carbs” mean, compared to “zero carbs”?

Hero Bread's hot dog and hamburger buns have 0g net carbs, meaning that they are still made with the same leavening agents (like yeast or baking powder) and plant-based fats and salt as “regular” bread, but without the starches and sugar.

“Zero carbs” would mean simply not eating foods with carbohydrates in them. Fruits and vegetables are made of carbohydrates, as you know, including sweet potatoes, bananas, mangoes, beets, to name a few.

Carbs are an important part of a healthy, well-rounded diet, so unless you’re removing them temporarily, you don’t need to avoid them entirely!

Okay, so Hero Bread is low-carb-friendly. What else are they up to?

Along with being 0g net carbs, Hero Bread is charged up with protein from fava beans and other plants. It also has prebiotic qualities from oats, flax, and jerusalem artichokes!

It's sugar-free, using natural sugar alternatives to sweeten things up a bit. And honestly, Hero Bread is just plain delicious.

When does this deal end?

This Memorial Day sale is a quick one: it's only live 5/24 through 5/29, so act fast!

And remember, it only applies to buns: hot dog buns, hamburger buns, and any bundle that includes buns. Grab your buns now!

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