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My Subscription Addiction

Are Sizeless T-Shirts Really a Thing to Be Trusted? Here’s What I Learned When I Tried It

Antonae Wallace
ByAntonae WallaceNov 17, 2022In Partnership With Sene

Sizing has always been weird to me. I’m usually in between a small or medium but a medium can sometimes be way too big and a small can be way too small. Sometimes, even a medium can feel too tight on me, but I can’t be the only one who can’t look past the size tag and refuse to size up.

Even though sizing makes no sense, I’m still skeptical about sizeless clothing the same way I’m skeptical about one-size clothing. So when I first learned about Sene’s SmartFit quiz to get a custom-fit size-less shirt, I didn’t have high hopes it would work.

How could a quiz that only takes 60 seconds and doesn’t require any measuring tape possibly find the right size for me? But I figured I had nothing to lose because not only does Sene offer free remakes and alterations until it’s perfect but also free shipping and returns.

And I'm so glad I gave it a go because Sene got it right for me on the first try.

Trying On My Sizeless T-Shirt

I immediately loved the feel of the material of my Sene T-shirt. The quality of the T-shirt was very soft yet durable and I know it will last me for a while. The quiz asked the type of fit I like and I usually prefer a more comfortable fit with a little room and the fit was perfect. Sene definitely did not disappoint!

The SmartFit Quiz asks questions I didn’t even think about like the slope of my shoulders and if my shoulders are slightly forward or back. And magically, the result was a T-shirt that felt custom-made for me, because it was.

The Perfect Everyday Tee

The convenience of these sizeless shirts is everything! They are made custom-made for you in Los Angeles in only three days, which is honestly mind-blowing. The T-shirts are made from soft Supima cotton, which makes them ultra comfortable but also durable and incredibly easy to wash. Sene’s custom T-shirt is truly the softest feeling tee I have ever owned but it’s also tailored and has the right amount of stretch, which makes it super versatile.

I can wear my shirt literally anywhere. I can wear it when I am traveling, or running errands, I can dress up it or dress it down. I choose to start with the crew neck shirt in black but the other color options are white, deep sea, and ash. All the colors come in v-neck as well if that’s your preference. Oh, and because the shirts are cut and made for you from scratch, you can also customize things like shirt length and sleeve length.

Perfect for Any Budget

So, how much does it cost to get your perfect-fitting T-shirt that’s literally laser cut and then assembled to your size and preferences? No one wants to break the bank when ordering clothes. I know I definitely don’t. But I have to say that at $49, Sene’s custom T-shirts are definitely a steal.

When I tried them on especially I knew that it was more than worth the cost. I love to save some money but also do not like compromising that with quality. Sene definitely gives me high-end quality without the high-end price point and that was everything for me! Most custom-made clothing lines can be extremely pricey and I’m glad that Sene is not.

Your Perfect Fit Guaranteed

You just can’t go wrong getting Sene. You are guaranteed to get the right size and fit because you will have unlimited free returns and alterations. You get a great bang for your buck and the perfect amount of versatility. What is there not to love? Sene will definitely be my new staple.