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My Subscription Addiction

A Foolproof Guide to Elevating Your Beauty Routine with the Right Products

Jennifer Mahler
ByJennifer MahlerJan 9, 2023In Partnership With Prime Prometics

Once I turned 50, I started noticing a whole slew of issues with my eyelashes: they were brittle and breaking off, and they definitely weren’t growing back at the speed they did when I was in my 20s and 30s. My tried-and-true products just aren’t holding up anymore, and it takes a long time to fill in my thinning eyebrows. Plus, my lips are drier than they’ve ever been. Sound familiar?

Part of the challenge women over 50 face is a beauty industry that creates products for women half our age, ignoring the issues we face and leaving us feeling even more frustrated. We end up wasting so much money and time, chasing results we’ll never be able to achieve. That is not what I call aging gracefully! As we mature, we need products that address the specific issues that women over 50 face. Luckily, I’ve found Prime Prometics, which definitely needs to be on your radar. Here’s my guide to elevating your beauty routine with the right products!

If you want longer, fuller lashes: PrimeLash Growth Serum

As we age, our eyelash follicles slow down, in some cases, they stop altogether. This means less growth and can cause eyelashes to become weaker, making them more brittle and prone to breakage. And the same holds true for eyebrows. The PrimeLash Serum is formulated to nourish and strengthen existing lashes and, with daily application, makes lashes grow over time.

If you have brittle, lackluster lashes: PrimeLash Mascara

When you combine the nourishing power of the serum with the thickening and lifting power of the PrimeLash Mascara, you’ll see even more dramatic results. The PrimeLash Mascara has years of research behind its wand and formula duo, and addresses all of the main problems I’ve experienced with my aging lashes. Feel like you haven’t ever found the right mascara? This formula lifts and thickens, giving you the perfect combination for younger looking, fuller, more luscious eyelashes. Is your mascara always clumping and goopy? PrimeLash’s wand grips and separates even the tiniest eyelash, leaving no clumps in sight. It’s also pH-balanced and all-natural, so it doesn’t irritate sensitive eyes. Healing ingredients like squalane and Candelilla Cera not only make your lashes look gorgeous, but they repair lashes, too.

Your brows are balding and you need a solution: PrimeBrow Complete

Completing the transformation is the multi-tasking PrimeBrow Complete. The PrimeBrow Complete Tames stray hairs, adds a subtle color to faded brows, and reverses age induced brow damage, giving you 10x natural brow growth. With bioactive ingredients like Shea butter, beet, coffee pigments, olive oil, avocado oil, and herb extracts to reverse aging, this natural powerhouse is a must-have. It’s not sticky at all, and the coffee pigments lend a beautiful tint. Can you say “one and done”?

You have puckered lips that are dry and cracked: PrimeLip Moisturizer

Are you addicted to reapplying your lip balm? I was, too…until I found the PrimeLip Moisturizer. Avocado oils, olive oils, and plant-based lipids create a luscious balm that protects and hydrates for around-the-clock moisture. Gone are the days where I feel like my lips are chapped 24/7–PrimeLip has put those worries to rest, and my lipstick applies smoothly. Plus, I love the added cooling tingle of the Grade A menthol in the formula.

My Forever Products

When you don’t recognize the face staring back at you in the mirror, it makes it difficult to celebrate being in the prime of your life. The products in this guide will not only help you elevate your look, but will work to repair age-induced damage to your eyelashes, lips, and eyebrows–and you’ll no longer be spending countless hours (and dollars) trying to fix them!