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A Comprehensive Gift-Giving Guide for Those Who Know Nothing About Kids

Jenny Scheck
ByJenny ScheckDec 5, 2022In Partnership With Ten Little

As a twenty-four year old, I'm a whole world away from anything child related. Do I love kids? Of course! Am I up to date on the latest toy trends for kids? Absolutely not. However, with family members left and right having kids, I’m trying to become a great gift giver STAT (but budget is still of the utmost importance to me). I’m also the cool older cousin, so I really have to deliver…my reputation is counting on it!

These days, with my busy schedule, it’s just not feasible to 1) find a toy store, and 2) actually make the trek there. Luckily, while scrolling through TikTok, I came across a brand that was the answer to my woes. Ten Little took all the guesswork out buying gifts for my expanding family, and because I’m in the giving spirit, I’m going to share my secrets with you:

If you’re on a budget and are going the stocking stuffer route

My favorite part of Ten Little is that they already have curated gift guides on their website. If you’re looking for something under $30, there are plenty of options to choose from. For the little one in your life who loves crafts, you can’t go wrong with a collection of paint sticks and chalk… especially the Rainbow Unicorn Horns Sidewalk Chalk–the name speaks for itself. In the market for a 6-month-old? Get them a sensory plush teether! My aunt and uncle can confirm that the Make Your Own Crayon Clay is a major winner for their little ones.

If you’re shopping for a set of siblings

I have my older brother to thank for my competitive nature - we were constantly playing games together (and I absolutely needed to keep up). My mom loved it because not only were we occupied, but we were also bonding. When all else fails, buying a game for siblings to play together is a sure-fire winner. Shopping for a sister or a niece? The Unicorn Glitterluck Board Game is a must. The best thing about these games? They’re all expert-recommended to support healthy mind and body development.

If your gift receiver is about to be traveling

I’m not even close to being a parent, and I know the stress my family members go through when they travel with their kids. Do the parents a favor and get their kids gifts that can be taken on the go. Keep their children occupied with coloring books, activity kits, magnetic games, pretend play sets and more. I’ve heard from the new parents in my life that Ten Little’s travel suggestions keep their kids wonderfully entertained.

If you’re buying for the animal lover

From farm buddies to the safari, aquatic animals and even dinosaurs, Ten Little has endless animal possibilities. My cousin is obsessed with all things animals (not to mention how adorable it is when you ask him about them), so I will for sure be getting him the Animal Upon Animal Stacking Game. With so many options to choose from, not only do I have the holidays covered, but also his birthday in February.

Still unsure if the presents I included are the right way to go? No problem - Ten Little also has individually curated gift lists for ages one through six. From funky accessories like slap watches for the older ones to an elephant walker for the little ones, Ten Little is the only place you’ll need to be shopping this holiday season (especially if you’re young and on a budget like me!)