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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

How I Balance Being a Busy Mom & Still Get Salon-Quality Hair Color at Home

Rebekah Parr
ByRebekah ParrNov 11, 2022In partnership with Madison Reed

I'm busy. You're busy. So let's cut to the chase - I'm going to tell you in 60 seconds everything you need to get salon-quality hair color at home. Ready... go!

Some quick context: I have three kids under the age of 4, a full time job, absolutely no time to go to the salon, and am balling on a budget (diapers aren't cheap!). My solution? Madison Reed. Here's why it works for me:

1. Fool-proof application process for salon level results

I have heard SO many horror stories that ended in “you should’ve just gone to a salon” or “let the professionals do it next time.”

For many years, I was too intimidated to color my hair at home. I was worried I’d ruin my hair and embarrass myself. But then I found Madison Reed. With Madison Reed, you’re depositing color onto your hair – not lifting it as you would with bleach – so you really can’t mess it up. You can use the “try it on” feature to see what different hair colors would look like on you, and you can even book a free video consultation with a licensed colorist to get shade advice.


2. Quick enough to do during nap time

With three little rascals under 4 years old, I need to be very strategic with my time. My most productive hour of the day? Nap time. When it comes to the actual coloring process, Madison Reed makes it SO easy. Divide hair into sections, apply barrier cream to prevent stains, and mix the activator and color together. Then, apply the color to small sections of your hair, massaging it in. This process took me 15 minutes total.

Then, I put on the hair cap and set a timer for 35 minutes. After that, I hop in the shower to rinse off the color and shampoo/condition my hair.

That’s it! An hour tops. That’s the amount of time I’d usually spend just driving to get my hair done!

3. High quality ingredients at a fraction of the price

You know they say - time is money, especially when caring for a busy family. But you what is also money? Actual money. Finally, I can get amazing hair color results at a fraction of what the salon charges. The end result you can get at home with Madison Reed is equal to what you can get at a salon, and you’re spending way less time and money to do it.

I also really love how silky and glossy my hair feels after I use the Madison Reed color. It has keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root extract that leaves your hair feeling so much smoother and shinier than before you colored it.

And there you have it - the secret to getting salon-quality hair at home, from one busy mom to the next. Madison Reed: your high quality without the price tag, easy and fast coloring solution.

For all you know, this very well could be the best 60 seconds you've spent all day.

Gotta run... I can hear my littlest one waking up from nap time...