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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

8 Reasons Why Cometeer Is On Everyone’s Wish List This 2022

RC Williams
ByRC WilliamsAug 6, 2022In Partnership With Cometeer

“Enter Cometeer, a coffee subscription that has partnered with top names in brews — to bring incredibly delicious and convenient coffee right to your door.” - CNN Editor

With over 20,000 5-star reviews, Cometeer’s flash-frozen coffee is outperforming the competition on every level. Coffee experts are raving over it and even the editors of CNN, Wired, Bustle, and more swear by it. So what about this coffee is creating so much buzz?

1. Cometeer is hands-down the most convenient coffee on Earth.

You start with a frozen aluminum capsule. You peel back the lid, drop it in your mug, and add 8oz of water. No machine. No mess. No coffee grounds everywhere. No time wasted waiting for coffee to brew. The convenience and speed at which I can make and consume my Cometeer coffee is a total gamechanger, let alone how satisfying the coffee tastes.

Cometeer is really unique - when was the last time you ever made hyper-flavored coffee from a frozen coffee capsule? I bet never.

2. It tastes like it should cost $7.50/cup, but only costs around $1/cup.

Cometeer’s coffee is hyper-flavorful due to their precision brewing technique, meaning it’s the best tasting coffee you will ever have. It’s made with top-tier beans from some of the world’s best coffee roasters and brewed with incredible precision. Basically, it tastes like it should cost $7.50/cup, but in reality, it only costs around $1/cup – significantly less than a daily Starbucks – when you factor in their offer of $20 off your first two orders.

3. I’ve never felt so productive and enthused in my life.

Maybe it’s because my old coffee options (Nespresso and Starbucks) became boring and the taste essentially became non-existent. But really, I think I’m feeling so much more productive and enthused after drinking Cometeer each day because of how much more flavorful and powerful their coffee is compared to the others. I’ve even gotten my co-workers on Cometeer, too, and our team is definitely starting to reach new heights!

4. Cometeer has a huge variety of flavors and roasts.

Unlike most options that are one-size-fits-all, Cometeer has an option for every coffee drinker and actually builds you a custom monthly box based on how you prefer your coffee. I prefer my coffee in all kinds of ways (big variety person) so I got Cometeer’s Mixed Roast Box so I could always change it up.

I love how Cometeer has different tastes for different days. It keeps me excited and eager to try new roasts in my monthly box. In the past, I’ve loved the notes of blueberry, milk chocolate and almond flavors!

5. Their coffee pods already have 20,000+ 5-star reviews and the media is raving about Cometeer.

Honestly, this didn’t really shock me after trying their coffee. Cometeer is known as the best tasting and most convenient coffee on Earth for a reason, and their customers tell you all you need to know. Even the media is raving about Cometeer, too – editors from CNN, Wired, Bustle, Bon Appetit, and more can’t get enough of these frozen coffee capsules.

You can also check out their glowing customer reviews on their website here. Here’s one of my favorite customer reviews:

I’ve never tasted anything as close to as good as this. I thought my routine of Nespresso one day and then Starbucks the other day was unmatched. But then I tried Cometeer and am never going back. I’d personally rate Nespresso a 7/10 for taste and Starbucks a 6/10. Cometeer, on the other hand, is easily a 9 or 10/10. It’s also nearly 50% cheaper than my previous coffee routine, so it’s a double bang: taste and price”.  – Michelle H. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

6. Cometeer’s aluminum capsules are waaay better than plastic coffee pods.

Another benefit of Cometeer’s frozen coffee pods is that they’re better for the planet compared to Nespresso’s pods or the plastic cup-based Starbucks. After noticing just how much plastic I was using for coffee, it started to feel wrong. It was either a few plastic Nespresso pods/day or a bulky plastic Starbucks cup/day and I started to feel icky.

Luckily, Cometeer puts that plastic feeling to shame with their aluminum capsules and packaging that are 100% recyclable. Nespresso, for example, uses coffee grounds in there pods, whereas Cometeer doesn't - this allows Cometeer's capsules to be more easily recyclable.

7. Their innovative technology actually preserves the flavor.

Cometeer is able to deliver such flavorful, effective and reasonably-priced coffee because they use proprietary technology that allows flavor and aroma to be extracted from coffee beans with unmatched precision. Frankly, the technology is way over my head. Cometeer also flash-freezes their coffee capsules in a liquid nitrogen bath of -321 degrees, which also locks in the rich flavor profiles of each of their blends. Good luck competing with that, competition! 

8. You can save $20 on your first two Cometeer orders.

Cometeer is also offering for a limited-time $20 off your first two orders – which lets you try an entire month of coffee for just a little bit over $1/day. Basically, Cometeer is offering to save you money and give you a coffee experience that is 100x better than what you are doing now. Redeem the limited-time offer with our special link here and thank us later.

RC Williams
RC Williams
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