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6 Gifts New & Expecting Parents Want to Receive This Holiday

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoDec 9, 2022In Partnership With nanit

Figuring out what gifts to give for the holidays can be like the Wild West—especially for the new or expecting parents in your life. Their wishlist might be shifting from fanciful wants to legitimate needs, and unless you’re already living in the world of All Things Baby, it can be hard to know where to start. Let me begin (and end) the search for you. No matter your relationship to the family or your budget, Nanit will have something that’ll make their lives easier (and name you the MVP giver this year).

For the first-time parents who want all the best gear: Nanit Pro

I’m sure your friends who are expecting parents have a baby monitor on their registry, and if it isn’t the Nanit Pro, it’s only because they haven’t heard of it yet. This video monitor does everything it should: it offers a clear visual of your baby, two-way audio, and even built-in white noise and other soothing sound settings. But it goes so far beyond just providing safe parental surveillance—it actually tracks and analyzes baby’s sleep patterns in real-time using computer vision technology. That means it’s extremely safe; no sensors, electronics, or radars are used whatsoever.

Are your pals actually expecting their second child? It’s time for an upgrade: this is the only smart baby monitor on the market that has split-screen functionality, allowing them to see more than one tiny person on the same screen.

The can’t-go-wrong gift for any parent of a baby: Pajamas

The baby is going to do so much more than just sleep in his pajamas. They’re going to take a bottle in their pajamas, they’re going to spit up in their pajamas, and they’re definitely going to pee in their pajamas at some point. Backups are always a good idea. With that in mind, Nanit’s PJs are made from machine-washable organic cotton that’s so soft. They’ve got zipper closures so dressing that squirmy little cutie is all the easier, and zipper covers to protect that sweet skin. The warmest pajamas have grippers on the feet, and the short-sleeve ones can transition into daytime onesies with the rise of the sun.

For the parents who document every milestone: Smart Sheets

They’ve got their baby journal and inside it is the date and time of every blink, burp, and babble their little sprout expressed. It’s this little one’s adoring #1 Fans who are going to geek out over Nanit’s Smart Sheets. All they have to do is place their baby on the sheet, and the Nanit camera automatically uses the custom pattern on the corners to estimate the baby’s measurements. This allows for easy and accurate growth tracking between pediatrician appointments with their app—perfect both for peace of mind and doting on every detail.

For the parents who love a good photo op: Rookie Human Sheets

No one:


*proceeds to show you approximately 100 photos of the baby*

They’ve got the posed pictures with monthly photo props covered, but even the most paparazzi of parents wouldn’t dare enter the room of the sleeping baby. Nanit Pro’s got that covered, offering a selection of the sweetest crib sheets with backdrop-like designs. So when they take a photo from their Nanit’s live feed, their sleeping angel can be restfully roaming with friendly dinosaurs or sleepily exploring the safari. Ridiculously cute.

For the parents who have to travel to see grandma: Best Sellers Bundle

This #1 bestseller is for the family who is constantly traveling, but also wants to make the most out of their Nanit smart baby monitor. The Best Sellers Bundle makes traveling a breeze. Featuring a Nanit Pro Camera, Flex Stand, Travel Case (which comes in multiple colors), sensor-free Breathing Band, and a 1-Year Insight Basic Subscription (which includes Memories capabilities as well as multiple users), they'll be the most prepared family on the block.

For the parents who already have everything they need: Nanit Memories

This one’s for the parents to the family’s first grandchild; the ones who have so much stuff. Too much stuff. They would pay you to remove some stuff. Rather than adding to the overstimulation and further cluttering their space, gift them this digital scrapbook. Nanit Memories creates a curation of memories for the parents—it collects both photos and videos from their monitor camera and hosts them on a secure platform. From the app, they can safely store and share the sweetest moments.

In Closing

Obviously a Nanit gift is going to be your best route for parents of babies this holiday season. But did I muddy the waters with too many options? I’ll save you from having to decide on just one of these useful gifts and suggest you explore Nanit’s Bundles. They’re basically “greatest hits” collections and they’re divided up into categories like Travel, Sleepwear, and more. No matter which one you choose, your gift is going to be used every single day (and night).