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My Subscription Addiction

5 Ways Armoire Makes Getting Dressed for Work Easier

Hallie Rosenthal
ByHallie RosenthalFeb 1, 2023In Partnership With Armoire

My work life has become longer than a 9-5 and it makes finding time to shop and getting dressed every day a challenge.

I often leave my office and head to an event whether it's a work dinner, meeting, or something social that supports my side hustle as a local influencer. There isn’t always time to go home and change and many of the things I attend are with a lot of the same people. No one likes to be an outfit repeater - especially when photographers are around.

Enter Armoire.

It has been a game changer for my lifestyle and my confidence when I can show up feeling good in my outfit. Here are the top 5 ways that Armoire has made getting dressed for work easier:

1. Armoire Makes it Easy to Curate Your Wardrobe👗

When you sign up for Armoire you take a quick style quiz and the website curates over 70 looks based on your answers. They are easy to flip through, and if you find a designer you like you can filter to see everything that’s available by the designer. I love that I can rent styles from my favorite brands like Yumi Kim, Joie, Paige, and Equipment while discovering new brands as well. You can update the recommendations in real-time by categories either by specifying the type of clothing, the season, or the occasion you are looking for. If you need help or are short on time, Armoire offers stylists who will help you curate your wardrobe too.

2. Armoire Saves Me Money 🤑

Armoire saves me money because it allows me the flexibility to not have to purchase new clothes for every event I have to attend. There’s no way I could buy all these designer items myself and even better, I don’t have to worry about the drycleaning bill either. When I’m ready for something new, I just send it back and if I find an item I love, there is an option to make a purchase and get a great discount. Armoire lets me try before I buy something, which has also saved me from making any bad purchases.

3. Armoire Users Provide Helpful Reviews For Each Item ✍🏼

If you worry about finding styles that suit you or whether the sizing is right, the Armoire community is an amazing resource. As you review each item you return, Armoire will continue to improve the recommendations for you. The review process is super quick, you can just check off a couple of boxes or you can leave a comment or even add photos if you’d like. The reviews are really helpful when narrowing down selections because you can see what others liked and didn’t like about an item and even how they styled something.

4. Armoire Lets You Keep Items For as Long as You Want 🗓️

Armoire’s Unlimited Membership at $249 per month ($139 trial month!) lets you rent 6 items per case with unlimited swaps. You can choose to get a whole new case of items as often as you want or choose which items to send back to open up a new spot. You don’t have to send back the items you’re swapping until your new items arrive, so you’re never without something to wear. My items always arrive in a few days and I can use the website or the app to easily create my wardrobe swaps and new deliveries. Returns are easy with the prepaid shipping label that comes with each delivery and home pick-up options.

5. Armoire Offers a Wide Variety of Styles✨

Armoire offers everything from leisure wear to cocktail attire available in sizes ranging from 0-24W. They stock a lot of designer brands and they are constantly adding new styles. They have well-known brands in addition to new designers I’ve never heard of and love discovering. There are so many options to choose from that I can wear new outfits almost every day by selecting items that I can mix and match. Renting helps keep my closet lean and my wallet full!

The Bottom Line…

If you are looking for a clothing rental service to help you keep your professional and personal wardrobe fresh and fun I highly recommend Armoire. They offer a wide variety of styles and sizes, their website is easy to navigate, the shipping is fast and the returns are flexible. You can reinvent your style every day.