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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

5 Times Madison Reed’s Root Perfection Saved Me From a Hair Crisis

Sherry McDaniel
BySherry McDanielJan 27, 2023In Partnership With Madison Reed

I’ll be honest with you: I don’t think about my grays that much. But when I do, it pretty much comes at the worst time possible – like two days right before a big party. I’ll run my fingers through my hair and remember: I need a root touch-up. Bad. That’s where Madison Reed’s Root Perfection comes in.

Madison Reed’s Root Perfection swoops in and covers your grays in no time, which is a huge relief given there never seems to be enough time, money, and availability to snag a spot in a salon right before you need it most. Here are a few times Madison Reed has saved me from a hair crisis, and why it’ll be my hero product for years to come.

1). Right before a big party

There’s nothing worse than spotting a few grays right before an event, like a big party or a work social. When I got my first box of Root Perfection, I breathed a little sigh of relief because it was so simple. The kit comes with 2 applications and a reusable bowl, a brush, and a pair of gloves.

You also get a set of 2 conditioning hair masks, plus cleansing wipes to remove any color from your neck or hairline afterwards. And because they formulate their products with keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root extract, you’re nourishing your hair with the best ingredients possible. Root Perfection is pretty much the fastest and easiest way to get compliments from all your friends–and nobody has to know it took you only 10 minutes!

2). Madison Reed Root Perfection is perfect in between salon appointments

If you’re ever between salon appointments because they’re booked out far in advance, you don’t have time, or it’s just plain expensive, well…me too. And, let’s face it: getting your hair professionally colored takes forever.

I’ve never had a salon experience where I was in and out in 10 minutes, but that’s how much time it took to cover my grays with Root Perfection. The color was impressively even and covered up all my grays without a problem. I didn’t see a single leftover gray hair! “Why do I still go to a salon at all?” I thought to myself the day after I applied it, after just spending the better part of an hour getting ready for an upcoming party.

3). If you've got a stacked schedule

I used to be a makeup artist, so looking my best is super important to me–and that includes ensuring that my hair is vibrant and free of grays. Oftentimes, my hair isn’t in tip-top shape when I need it to be, so I’m no stranger to applying Madison Reed’s Root Perfection before meeting clients or the busy week ahead to ensure I look put together and professional.

With Madison Reed’s Root Perfection, you’ll get gorgeous, professional-ready hair in a jiff. If you’ve got a mile-long to-do list but not much time, Root Perfection is a lifesaver. I can avoid stressing over adding one more thing to my always-full schedule; plus, I can save money, too.

4). While getting vacation-ready

There have been one too many times lately that I’ve checked off everything on my to-do list before a vacation, only to find that I forgot to factor in my hair. Oops.

Madison Reed saves the day by covering my grays in a snap while packing and preparing. And you know what? Even two weeks post-application, my grays were still not noticeable. That’s a pretty big deal for me, because I can be in “out-of-office mode” for as long as I want and not panic about my grays showing.

5). When on a budget

Sometimes we don’t allocate a ton of money towards personal care, and that’s okay. Madison Reed’s Root Perfection Root Touch-Up Kit costs only $34 ($30 if you subscribe & save). Since the kit includes two applications, it’s actually only $17 to fix your roots in a crunch.

Even better, Madison Reed’s color formulation is ammonia-free, cruelty-free, and Leaping Bunny certified. I’m relieved knowing that I’m using something that's safe for my hair and friendlier for animals and the earth overall. Saving money on a budget and saving the planet? That’s huge for me.

Madison Reed’s Root Perfection is there for you when you need it

Madison Reed has shown me that being short on time doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality hair color. Root Perfection gives you gorgeous hair in absolutely no time, so you can spend more time doing the things you love. Can you say win-win?