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5 Things My Kids’ Toothbrush Does That Yours Doesn’t

Sammi Gonias
BySammi GoniasNov 27, 2022In Partnership With quip

As any parent knows, getting your children to brush is no easy feat. In my quest to get my kids to properly brush, I’ve researched and bought countless different toothbrushes in an attempt to get her to enjoy this daily routine to no avail. But I might have finally found the one toothbrush that can get my kids excited about oral hygiene and it’s the quip kids toothbrush. Here’s how quip is different:

1. quip gives great incentives for kids to brush properly

Both of my children are very motivated by incentives. They love small toys or stickers on a chart for a job well done. The quip Kids Smart Electric Toothbrush has an app you can download which tracks your child’s progress and awards points for a job well done. You can then trade those points in for prizes! It’s so cute to see my 7-year-old proud of maintaining her streak.

2. quip promotes longer and better brushing with sonic vibrations

Setting timers for kids really help with routines and quip’s timed sonic vibrations are just that, encouraging them to brush for the full two minutes. The vibrations, paired with soft nylon bristles, not only allow kids to clean their teeth better and easier but pause every 30 seconds to remind kids to change to a different section.

3. quip offers feedback on how to improve your kids’ technique

The app not only tracks when your kid brushes but also how well with amazing insights into the duration, coverage, brush strokes, and intensity of each routine. The brush automatically logs your child’s brushing history so you can review it at any point. Scarlett likes the in-app tips that can help improve brushing habits. She’s already had 3 cavities at a young age, so I like that she takes the tips seriously.

4. quip makes kids feel all grown up with its sleek design

My husband and I have electric toothbrushes and Jack and Scarlett are happy to have their own just like us. There are so many fun character-branded kid’s manual toothbrushes on the market these days. We’ve tried ones featuring Peppa Pig, Spiderman, My Little Pony, and more. But none of them of been embraced by my kids as much as the quip kids brush, which is just a scaled-down version of the adult one.

5. quip keeps everyone smiling with replacements delivered

The quip Kids Smart Electric Toothbrush bundle starts at $45 and comes with the Bluetooth-enabled smart brush, 3-month battery life, cover, and toothpaste. With quip’s refill plans you can have replacement brush heads + free batteries and watermelon toothpaste at your door every 3 months for just $5 each. Scarlett loves the taste of the watermelon toothpaste and it makes brushing much easier.


My children feel grown up with their own electric toothbrushes and I know I’m doing all I can as a parent for them too. quip will change your children’s brushing habits for the better and that’s worth every penny.