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My Subscription Addiction

5 Rules for Weight Loss So You Never Yo-Yo Diet Again

Beatrice Wilter
ByBeatrice WilterAug 9, 2022In Partnership With Found Weight Loss Program

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Diets aren’t fun. And neither is yo-yoing back and forth in the name of weight loss. Finding the proper nutrition, workout, or routine that works for you can be a struggle when trying to figure out what healthy living means for you. I was dealing with the same issues until I found this program called Found (the pun *chef’s kiss*). It provides one-on-one medical, nutritional, and movement guidance from board-certified medical experts.

If you’ve ever wondered if there was an easier way to take care of your weight or stick with your newfound routine, here are five rules for weight loss, so you never yo-yo diet again.

Go with a Personalized Plan

You are unique, so your body needs an individual action plan to see the desired results. Whatever workout routine or meal plan works for your best friend may not work for you and vice versa (I say this from experience). A board-certified medical provider helped craft a personalized plan for me with Found, taking into account things like:

  • Whether weight loss would benefit my health and well-being overall
  • My lifestyle and personal habits that hinder or enhance my ability to lose weight
  • Any current health issues and medications I may be taking now or in the future
  • Family medical history to ensure any genetic issues are taken into account

Don’t Do It Alone

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Getting healthier is a very personal and often long-term journey. It can be exciting to start something new, but it’s easy to lose focus when life happens. Accountability can make or break your weight loss success. The private community on the Found app has helped me keep the commitment to myself because I connect with people who have also struggled with their weight. Sharing tips, recipes, and encouragement in a private community helped me feel supported and stay connected. It’s psychologically beneficial to connect with others who are struggling and have found victory in their weight loss goals.

Get Daily Support

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When I needed guidance throughout the day, I used the Found app to help keep me focused on prioritizing my goals. The expert, board-certified coaches checked in with me daily (no chat robots here!) for one-on-one help to talk through my concerns and give recommendations tailored to my personal health goals. My main questions were whether I could substitute certain foods for others and still hit my goals for each day/week. Of all the features Found offers, having a professional provide answers to questions specific to your plan is truly top-tier service!

Have Fun

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One of the worst things to do when trying to lose weight is to make it feel like a chore. Trust me, you’ll keep yo-yoing back and forth until you finally give up. But, when you’re having fun, you don’t mind trying a new workout or cooking with healthier ingredients. Taking your health to the next level should be an enjoyable experience, not a failed experiment. Look forward to new things, tangible results, and a lifestyle-changing experience that won’t make you feel like you’re playing a game with your health.

Target Your Biological Needs

By targeting your body’s biological needs first, everything from your hormones to your genetics to your gut can work together in harmony. Hormonal changes due to poor diet and a less than stellar workout regimen affect more than my weight - it impacts how I feel and, therefore, how likely I will continue on my weight loss journey. A person’s biology sometimes makes sustained weight loss difficult. When that’s the case, Found’s prescription weight loss medication is a great supplement that other programs frequently fail to offer.

Final Thoughts

Found said it right - “it’s not just about what you lose, it’s about what you find”. I found the best way to stop yo-yo dieting for me. Check out Found here to see how it can help you find weight loss success, too.