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5 Reasons You Need To Ditch Your Melatonin Sleeping Pills For These Oral Sleep Sprays

RC Williams
ByRC WilliamsDec 1, 2022


Why have thousands and thousands of people replaced their melatonin gummies and pills for these new oral sleep sprays?

And why do experts from Health Magazine, Women's Health and Healthline swear by them?

I know it sounds crazy - but hear me out. I was skeptical at first, but honestly melatonin gummies weren't doing anything at all for me at night, so I caved and tried out these new oral sleep sprays that everyone's raving about and I am NEVER turning back.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to try these new Rejuvia Oral Sleep Sprays today and put an end to your melatonin gummies and pills:

1. Oral Sleep Sprays Can Be 5x More Effective Than Melatonin Gummies & Pills

The oral sprays work by squirting them directly under your tongue for your body to absorb. It's scientifically-proven that absorbing your supplements directly under your tongue is the most effective way, which is why the oral sleep sprays can be over 5x more effective than gummies and pills.

Gummies and pills, though, have to be absorbed through your digestive system, often times rendering them rendering them just as effective as a placebo! Since you absorb the oral sleep sprays directly under your tongue, your able to feel the effects significantly faster and the effects will last much longer.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The oral sprays come in a bundle that includes an oral sleep spray (purple) and an oral stress spray (pink).


2. These Oral Sleep Sprays Will Have You Falling Asleep In Half The Time

Rejuvia's Oral Sleep Sprays are known as one of the most effective and fast-acting sleep products on the market. In my experience, after using them for a few nights, I was falling asleep in just 15 minutes after use and finally sleeping through the full night.

With my old melatonin gummies, it would take me over 45 minutes to feel sleepy and actually fall asleep. Then, I'd still wake up at 2am every night feeling awake and it was pure torture.

But with these oral sleep sprays, I've been falling asleep incredibly fast and sleeping through the entire night!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Rejuvia recommends you start with their Oral Spray Pack: you get 4 sprays for the price of just 2 and are able to share them with others in your house.


3. They're Made With All-Natural, Sleep-Inducing Ingredients

Rejuvia's Oral Sleep Sprays are backed by leading health scientists and sleep researchers who helped formulate them with a state of the art, all-natural, sleep-inducing ingredient blend.

Key ingredients include magnesium, valerian root, hemp extract, ginkgo biloba, feverfew leaf and more. The highly-effective ingredient blend is backed by cutting-edge research and the oral sprays are manufactured in Arizona.

They're certified organic, all-natural, vegan, non-GMO and more - truly the most premium sleep products out there.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Each oral spray bottle contains 240 total sprays and you only use 6-8 each night so they last you a little over 1 month. They come down to just about ~$1/night.


4. They Have Thousands of 5-Star Reviews and Experts Behind Them

You should read some of these reviews on Rejuvia's website about their oral sprays. Their oral sprays, particularly their sleep spray, has hundreds and hundreds of 5-star ratings and amazing customer stories about them. Here's one:

"I’m a mom of two kids and I work full-time. Sometimes I get in bed and just want to play on my phone until 1 am, enjoying my me time, but I have trouble falling asleep. I’ve taken melatonin forever, but have never had success. Now, just 8 sprays under my tongue at bedtime, and I’m out like a light in 15 minutes - sometimes mid-scroll on my phone! I'm well-rested the next morning with no grogginess. I still can’t believe how well it works! It’s been 6 months, and it still works like a charm. I hope it’s always available." - Jessica A.

There are hundreds of other stories like this about Rejuvia's oral sleep sprays. They're even featured in expert publications everywhere like Healthline, Health Magazine, Women's Health and more.

"Honestly, these are some of the most effective sleep product's out there. I wholeheartedly recommend them to all" - Women's Health Editor


5. They Come With a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Since the oral sprays are new and novel to a lot of people who haven't switched, Rejuvia offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all orders for 60 days. They are entirely risk-free to try and Rejuvia is so confident that they will help you sleep better than ever before that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

If the oral sleep sprays don't help you sleep or aren't cutting it for you, then you can send them back to Rejuvia and get a full refund with no questions asked.

I'd highly recommend giving the oral sleep sprays a chance - they're truly one of the most powerful sleep products on the market and come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Rejuvia recommends you start with their Oral Spray Pack: you get 4 sprays for the price of just 2 and are able to share them with others in your house. It's a great deal!

RC Williams
RC Williams
RC is the newest member of the MSA team and a consumer product fanatic! In his free time, RC loves reviewing health products, discovering new restaurants in Philadelphia and going on long outdoor runs!