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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

5 Reasons Why Noteworthy is My Go-To for All Things Fragrance

Jenny Scheck
ByJenny ScheckDec 27, 2022In Partnership With Noteworthy Scents

In November 2020, I got COVID and lost my sense of smell for months. When I was finally able to smell again, I gained a deeper appreciation for all the aromas around me and decided it was finally time to find my signature scent. Overwhelmed over where to start, I turned to Noteworthy’s personalized Discovery Kit, which I discovered after stumbling upon it on TikTok. I couldn’t be happier that I found it - here’s why:

Finding a fragrance you love is HARD

Let’s be real: the market is so oversaturated with perfumes that it’s hard to know where to even start. From celebrity-endorsed fragrances to my friend’s recommendations, I found it impossible to figure out not just what will smell good, but what will smell good on ME and what I actually like to smell.

Luckily, Noteworthy makes it so easy! They have a proprietary algorithm which uses your unique preferences to curate a personalized Discovery Kit. All I had to do was fill out a quiz and next thing I knew, I had four new Noteworthy fragrance samples tailored just for me.

They have a proven success rate

There are 4 parts to the Noteworthy quiz. The first part asked questions about my upbringing and personality (my age, country of residence, introverted vs. extroverted, ideal vacation, etc). Next, they ask about perfume habits (how often I wear fragrance, etc). From there, we ranked a variety of different notes such as florals, warm/spicy, citrus, sweet/edible, tropical fruit, and herbal. The final piece asked you to choose unique scents you love, ranging from peanut butter to Vicks VapoRub to baby powder to crayons!

The reason I turned to Noteworthy in the first place was because I heard that their algorithm has a 89% success rate of helping people find at least 1 Noteworthy fragrance they love. That said, I was a tad skeptical. Do I like the smell of Vicks VapoRub? Sure. But … do I want to smell like it? No. So when Discovery Kit arrived in the mail, I was shockingly pleased by how amazing the scents smelled when they came and how much I loved them.

You get to test out all the samples to see how they wear

I remember once learning that a fragrance can smell differently in the bottle than it might on your skin. I love that my Discovery Kit allows me to test, wear, and layer over several days so I could figure out which one I loved best

Initially, I was drawn to n,144 which had notes of citrus, lemon blossom, and vanilla. The more I wore it though, the more I thought it was a tad too sweet for my liking. On the other hand, n,743 really snuck up on me. It has tuberose, magnolia, and musk. I wore it throughout the day and received so many compliments on how good I smelled! I had it on for two days straight and decided to take a day off, only to spend the entire day longing for the fragrance! That’s when I knew I found my signature scent.

It’s a sustainable choice

120 billion units of packaging are produced each year by the cosmetics industry and most perfume bottles can’t be recycled because their pumps are not removable. With Noteworthy, you can remove the cap and unscrew the pump to recycle the clear glass bottles. They also minimize their use of outerpackaging, so my full size fragrance came in this cool, recyclable honey-comb protective pack and a sleek, recyclable box - no styrofoam bits or cellophane wrap to be seen. The fragrances also don’t contain parabens, phthalates, or dyes, and they are cruelty-free and have vegan options.

They have options for at home or on-the-go

Now that I’m completely obsessed with n,743, I was very excited to know that they have both the full size or refillable travel spray options. Traveling carry-on and want to still smell like myself? The travel spray has my back. Want a longer term solution for my daily life? Full size all the way (not to mention the bottles look gorgeous on your bedside table). The deal gets sweeter though - my Discovery Kit came with a $25 code for any 3.3oz fragrance. Safe to say No. 743 will be becoming a part of my identity - with 2023 on the horizon, I can confidently say “New Year, better smelling me”.