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My Subscription Addiction

5 Reasons Why My Partner Started Using Harry’s

Thalia Gunabe
ByThalia GunabeJan 20, 2023In partnership with Harry's

Us girls are spoiled for choice when it comes to razors. We’re talking ones that are sparkly, ones with a shower holder, ones that are meant for sensitive skin, and more. So, I firmly believe that the modern man also deserves modern razors. And they shouldn’t break the bank.

This is something that my partner and I agree on. He was always complaining about how much he was spending on refills for his razor and I encouraged him to try something new. Harry’s was recommended to him by a close friend who had found himself in the same predicament: how do you get a close, quality shave without sacrificing money or quality?

His friend’s recommendation? Harry’s. Here’s why Elijah and I are both obsessed with this brand:

1. Harry’s Leaves Behind Skin I Can’t Keep My Hands Off Of

The first concern Elijah and I have when trying a new razor is the quality of the blades. Anyone who has tried out a newer (and cheaper) razor brand knows the uncomfortable shave you get with a low quality razor. Not cool. But Harry’s knocked our socks off when it came to the quality of the razor blades.

Each razor head features 5 blades made of Swedish steel in Harry’s German factory. And these blades are SHARP. They glide with no friction at all, my boyfriend has velvety smooth skin after shaving with his Harry’s razor. Harry’s razors also feature a handy precision trimmer blade across the top for ease in harder-to-reach areas or sideburns. His face has never been more touchable!

2. Harry's Isn’t Just for Men

I can personally attest to the smoothness of Harry’s razors because, well, I have been secretly using them myself. In fact, I have been swiping a few different Harry’s products from my man, including (but not limited to) Harry’s Body Wash (we love Shiso and Redwoods), his Harry’s deodorant, and the Harry’s Scalp Scrub. The scents are invigorating and the formulas are effective while remaining gentle. You know that feeling when you steal your partner’s hoodie and it smells like their cologne while you wear it? These Harry’s products give the same vibes right out of the shower!

3. He (We) Never Run Out of Razors

One of the worst feelings is when you need to shave and realize that not only do you need to replace your razor ASAP but you don’t have any refills at home. This has never been an issue since we started using Harry’s. Their auto-delivery allows you to set up how often new blades arrive and even saves us between 4-10% depending on how many blades we need. This means he (well, we) always have soft and smooth skin on autopilot. Plus, you’ll get free shipping for orders over $25, meaning we can stock up on all of our Harry’s faves at once, and we’re not going out of our way at all. That’s a win if you ask me.

4. Harry’s Saves Us $$$

The cost of big-brand razors was what originally drove us to try Harry’s and I think affordability is one of the biggest factors to consider when purchasing blades from any brand. Simply put, an 8-pack of Harry’s refills cost us $16. Elijah's old brand? Try closer to $40 for the same number of refills. And when your man shaves close to every day (and when you’ve been secretly stealing his razors) this cost difference really adds up.

5. Harry’s Trial Kit is Only $5

My boyfriend was able to try Harry’s by ordering their trial kit for only $5. The kit comes with the Truman handle, one of their 5 blade razor cartridges, Harry’s shave gel, and a travel cover for the razor. This offer was too good to turn up and is what really led Elijah to take the plunge and try Harry’s. Not to mention, there’a quality guarantee, so if he wasn’t happy with the razor he could get a full refund within 30 days. There was no reason not to try Harry’s!

In my humble opinion, one of your 2023 resolutions should be to save yourself money on razors AND get a better shave. Harry’s makes this the easiest resolution of all–and your skin will certainly thank you for it. My boyfriend and I would both recommend ordering the trial set so you can see for yourself!