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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

5 Reasons I’m Obsessed with PROVEN Skincare

Megan K.
ByMegan K.Jun 6, 2022In partnership with Proven Skincare

If I handed you a pen and asked you to jot down three skincare products that sucked you in with Instagram hype or shiny pretty bottles in Sephora, I bet the majority of you would have a very easy time writing that list. But how many of us have been disappointed because we noticed zero difference in our skin after shelling out loads of money? Let's be honest here: It can be really hard to find the right products for our skin. And what might be your bestie's holy grail product might not work for you at all. Enter: Proven Skincare.

5 Reasons to Try Proven Skincare

1. It's Cutting-Edge Skincare Backed by Science

As far as the skincare realm goes, there are a lot of competing voices. It can be really easy for a consumer to become confused and wonder which one of those sources to trust. Proven Skincare c0-founder Dr. Amy Yuan had essentially had enough:

As a data scientist and physicist, I could no longer stand the lack of scientific rigor, research, and evidence in the care of our body's largest organ - our skin. So I had to start up a whole new kind of skin health company. 

I want you to understand that when I say this brand is rooted in science, I mean that this brand eats, sleeps, and breathes science. It all starts with The Skin Genome Project which is the world's largest skincare database. This massive collection of data is made up of over eight million reviews, 100,000 beauty products, 20,000 ingredients, and 4,000 academic journals. All of this info is funneled into the 3-minute Proven skincare quiz which analyzes your skin and builds you a custom formula based on your skin, age, region, and other factors you might not consider when you are browsing the aisles of Sephora. It is the closest thing to AI skincare and it is also, well, incredibly cool.

2. It is Completely Custom

So what exactly is custom skincare from Proven Skincare? Well, let's start with the products: cleanser, moisturizer, night cream. Each one of these is built just for you based on 47 different factors in your skin quiz. Everything from age, skin type, location, lifestyle choices, diet, the list goes on. Somehow though, this quiz takes a breezy three minutes and is extremely easy to finish. And for the skincare ingredient nerds out there (hello tribe!) there is a feature to the right of the quiz where you can see the ingredients being added or subtracted for your formula based on your answers.

3. It Makes Skincare Easy and Fool-Proof

Again, when thinking about skincare, I always mentally go back to the aisles of Sephora or Ulta. It is so easy to get sucked in by the pretty bottles, big hype brands, and the sheer entertainment of it all. Because skincare shopping has kind of turned into an event. It is fun! But how many of us have splurged $65 on a pretty glass bottle, used it religiously, but seen no results? I am not here to sway you from your skincare addiction. That would make me a major hypocrite. All I am saying is that the Proven Skincare system has three solid formulas that you will use daily and that are backed by a ton of research. Adding those three solid pieces to your routine (or even picking and choosing from the cleanser, moisturizer, or night cream which can all be purchased individually) still allows you to experiment with other fun serums or toners too. But you will know you are actively improving your skin.

4. It is Affordable

Sure, this isn't an inexpensive investment. But your skin is an investment, so I personally think 65 year old me will approve of a splurge here. The total cost of the Proven Skincare system is $129.99 every two months, so essentially $75 a month. I could spend more than that on a single Sunday Riley product (and I have). You can also buy each item individually with pretty reasonable pricing for a custom product: cleanser for $34.99, day moisturizer for $54.99, or night cream for $99.99. You save about $60 if you bundle the trio into the system. If you are someone who is regularly buying brands like Sunday Riley, Dermalogica, Shiseido, or similar, it's worth trying out something custom-built for you within the same pricing sphere.

5. It Evolves with You


Depending on your skin's reaction to outside factors like your location, aging, and the weather, sometimes your skincare needs to evolve with your needs. Proven Skincare does this automatically. This is pretty genius and is another example of how this system is fool-proof, solid skincare. Every two months you can expect slight changes like you see above. These subtle tweaks keep the system proactively working for you and how it happens automatically means you don't have to retake a quiz or rebuild your routine as long as you are using Proven Skincare.

Sign-up for Proven Skincare today to start your custom skincare journey!