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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Find Out Why This Former Peloton Addict Converted to lululemon Studio

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereNov 23, 2022In Partnership With lululemon Studio

So... you’ve been thinking about buying a smart fitness device to level up your work(out)-from-home game? Well, you're in the right place. 

I'm a fitness addict and have tried everything out there, from lululemon Studio to Peloton to NordicTrack. A former member of the Peloton fan club, I thought it would be hard to convert me to anything else, but The Mirror did just that. Here's why: 

1. Diversity of class library

The Mirror has an impressive variety of classes -- over 50 genres to choose from. If you’re someone that used to bounce around the city from barre to boxing classes, like me, you can recreate this in your home. lululemon Studio Mirror’s classes range from 5-60 minutes across all difficulty levels, and the class library has over 10,000 workouts to choose from (if you don’t want to take a live class).

Another unique feature of the lululemon Studio Mirror is the ability to do personal training for $40/session. I live for my weekly barre training sessions with Cameron - he manages to make my arms and abs burn more in 30 minutes than they ever did in the hour long barre classes I used to go to. 

Lastly, lululemon Studio has partnered with top studios across the country like Rumble, Dog Pound, Y7 Yoga, and more, and you can now take streaming workouts from these studios on your Mirror. I'm personally not a yoga person, but have loved Y7 in the past, so am excited that I can now take these at home with my lululemon Studio membership!

2. Quality of classes

The Mirror has 15 instructors to choose from, including instructors that used to work at top gyms like Equinox, Rumble, and Physique 57, so the quality of teaching is very high. The instructors are motivating and have a contagious energy that makes me want to be their best friend.

Prior to starting the class, you can see the moves you’ll be doing ahead of time, so you know what to expect from the class. I’ve found almost every workout I have taken challenging and engaging, whether it was barre, boxing, or yoga. The Mirror also has the added benefit of, well, a mirror for you to check your form. 

3. Connected weights

You may be asking, what are connected weights and why do I need them? These weights can track your reps, help correct your form, and recommend the appropriate amount of weight for you to use for each move. They were game changing for me; I learned I am stronger than I think, plus improved my form and prevented injury. The Mirror weights range in size from 1-35 lbs, and they also have 1 and 2 lb ankle weights. 

4. Personalization

lululemon Studio personalizes your experience in many ways, from music to class recommendations to personal training. While lululemon Studio’s classes do come with recommended playlists from the instructor, you have the option of connecting your Apple Music to select your own pump-up music.

I like the weekly drop of class recommendations I get every Monday (based on my previous class history and personal goals) - it's easy to swipe right on them and add them to my bookmarked classes, so I can find them again at anytime. lululemon Studio also has new curated programs that launch every week to help you further reach your goals, whether it is strength training, HIIT, or dance cardio. Make things really personal with a personal training session for $40/session. 

5. Size

The Mirror takes up no space in any apartment. In fact, it actually can serve double purpose as a full length mirror. You’ll only need floor space in front of it to complete your workout, so you don’t have to worry about a bulky piece of fitness equipment in the middle of your kitchen. 

6. Price

The Peloton bike price starts at $1,445 for the original bike, while the lululemon Studio is $1,495. At face value, this number is higher, yes. BUT, lululemon Studio is offering 50% off for Black Friday, so you can get it for $745. The $39 monthly membership (slightly cheaper than Peloton's $44 membership) also includes incredible perks: 10% off lululemon purchases, 20% off classes at partner studios (like Rumble, AKT, and Y7), plus unlimited streaming classes from these studios (in addition to their own full class library).

Disclaimer: Full price last offered 10/4/22. $700 off plus free delivery (off $1,495 price). 20% off classes at participating US partner studio locations.