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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

5 Reasons to Gift Yourself Prose This Holiday Season

Lauren Harden
ByLauren HardenNov 3, 2022

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Since having a baby, my hair journey has been… interesting. While pregnant, my hair was beautiful, shiny, and thick. Now? Not so much. It’s dry, dull, and endlessly frizzy, and I’ve been hesitant to try a lot of different brands, because who really has time for that? (Definitely not anyone with a baby!) Enter Prose, a completely customizable hair care line made with natural yet effective ingredients. Here are five reasons why Prose is my gift to my hair this holiday season — and why you should gift yourself the same:

1. I can describe my hair and my goals online, on my own time.

There just aren’t enough hours in my day to consult with someone about my hair woes in-person, so I love being able to answer simple questions about my hair habits and health while lounging in bed at 9pm. The online quiz is super comprehensive, and asked me questions like how many times per week I wash my hair, how I style it, my problem areas, and whether or not my hair sheds (um, yes). It felt really special to receive such a bespoke experience, even if I was wearing sweatpants.

2. It’s fully personalized, just for me.

I knew Prose would send me great products based on reviews I had read, but I wasn’t prepared for just how cute the bottles and cards with my name on them would be! On top of that, the formula is tailored to me; it’s not a one-size-fits all product you’d find at your local drugstore. Prose even lets you choose the scent and makes adjustments based on how hard your tap water is! To top it off, I can go into my profile and see exactly how my hair is doing with a personalized scorecard that covers things like sebum, damage, and sensitivity.

3. It’s completely free from harsh chemicals.

I’ve been a little careless with my beauty products lately, so I love that Prose is looking after me by using clean and responsible ingredients. Sulfate- and alcohol-free products are big for me, and Prose is transparent about what’s in my haircare and why. They also have an entire list of all the naturally-derived and synthetic ingredients they use, including where they source it and what EWG score it holds.

4. It comes straight to my door.


I always forget about buying my hair products until it’s too late and the stores are closed, so the convenience of having Prose sent directly to my door is a huge bonus. On top of that, the packaging is really elegant, which makes it perfect for repurposing. Customers are encouraged to reuse their pump tops when they order refills, and can even get their custom Root Source refills in compostable pouches and reuse their glass jars. Prose also uses sustainable materials and is a climate-neutral company, which makes me feel good about my purchases.

5. It’s easy to change up my routine if I want to.

Hair changes, and Prose lets you change your products and hair care routine if you need to. With the brand’s Review & Refine feature, you can give feedback and update your hair goals as you see fit. I’m so looking forward to taking “shedding” off my list of problems!

To wrap up

Even though I’m focusing on getting gifts for others this holiday season, I also love giving myself something that really makes my life easier, and that’s where Prose comes in. Prose is helping me get my hair mojo back just in time for the new year — and that’s a gift that’s priceless.